AXYZ Z Series

The Z Series CNC router is a completely re-invented version of this classic workhorse. It offer the robust construction that AXYZ products are known for, combined with a budget-conscious set of configurations. The Z series offers multi-purpose routing machines, designed for cutting all types of plastics, woods, foams and non-ferrous metals in both 2D and 3D.

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Single Head Configuration
The Z Series includes a single carriage with a Z axis driven by precision ballscrew for accurate depth control and full 3D processing. Tooling can either be a routing spindle, knife tool or plasma option which can be interchanged to offer great versatility.

Drive Systems
Rack and pinion drive system on X and Y axis. Precision ballscrew drive with preloaded ballnut and fully enclosed ball re-circulation system on Z axis.

Smart Console
Full machine control at your fingertips for fast and easy machine setup in an intuitive and compact package.

Zone Controls
Vacuum zones can be switched with manual valves or automatically by the machine controller.

Solid Machine Base
A rigid, welded steel frame, fitted with an aluminum deck, creates a strong structure to support the most demanding processes.

Gantry Height
A 6″ Z-Axis gantry clearance comes as standard with the option of 7.5″ to accommodate your products and machining requirements.

The A2MC delivers much smoother and faster motion based on S-Curve (Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories. This motion profile reduces the bounce and vibration created from sudden acceleration or deceleration in many other control systems. It is also fully NC code compatible so it will work with virtually any known CAM package including Vectric, Artcam, Type 3, Enroute, Mastercam, Alphacam and more.

Tool Length Sensor
An automatic tool length sensor which ensures accurate and consistent cut depths is fitted as standard on all AXYZ machines.

Compatible with a range of CNC router options, the Z series can be customized with high performing productivity enhancements. Your local AXYZ technical sales engineer will help you select a CNC machine and set of options to meet your unique needs.

Router Spindle Options
Spindles are available from quality manufacturers such as HSD and Elte. The Z Series offers either a 3HP or 5HP collet spindle, or a 5HP quick-release spindle.

Spray Mister
Certain materials, in particular Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, often cut better with a small amount of lubricant or coolant. The Unist Mister option will automatically apply a pre-set amount to the tool during cutting and is compatible with all pressure feet options.

High Capacity Dust Collection
The High Capacity Pressure Foot is a must have for any AXYZ CNC router. An efficient, vertically orientated extraction ensures excellent swarf extraction, whereas dedicated hose management prevents unnatural bending and safeguards the hose from interfering with machine operations. Available with a whole host of optional enhancements including the cold air gun, Unist Mister, bellows, donuts and nose rider.

Convert your CNC router to a plasma cutter in minutes. Cut aluminum, sheet metal and stainless steel up to 1/2″ thick at cutting speed over 200ipm with excellent edge quality.

Knife Options
Choose from a standard tangential knife, or high performance oscillating knife as an alternative choice to the routing spindle. A wide range of blades are available for cutting flexible and semi-rigid materials.

Camera Registration
The AXYZ Vision System (AVS) uses registration marks on printed materials to adjust the cutting program for perfect alignment. This essential option for cut-to-print applications works with all cutting tools and materials.

Universal 5Y Dust Collection
The Universal 5Y pressure foot plays just as vital a role as the high capacity pressure foot. It has been specifically engineered to accept up to 73″ diameter hose and allows for manual adjustment of the ride height for faster material and tool setup often demanded in today’s busy workplace. Swarf extraction is highly efficient thanks to the unique internal cyclonic design.

Pumps and Blowers
Select from a range of high-power pumps or blowers to suit machine size and application requirements.


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