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ArtPro is a full-featured packaging preproduction editor offering unique technologies and dedicated tools focused on your major pre-press pain points (e.g. CAD/graphics alignments, trapping, distortion, screening, barcodes)

If you want to drastically reduce the cost of errors and increase the efficiency of your Mac-based packaging preproduction department, ArtPro is the answer.

As it supports all industry standard file formats, ArtPro can be integrated in any packaging workflow but due to a seamless integration with ArtiosCAD and Automation Engine, ArtPro turns Esko’s packaging software into a complete and unbeatable packaging solution.

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Product Description

High resolution separation viewing
Viewer offers high-resolution separation viewing, as if you were
inspecting your final printing plates. A set of smart view modes
helps the operator to focus on critical areas and to apply the necessary
corrections. Viewer offers Separation preview, Color preview,
Total Area Coverage preview, Flexo Plate preview, Flexo Print
preview, Moiré Detection and Registration Error preview as well
as a precise digital densitometer. Overprints, transparencies and
breakout areas can be highlighted.

Moiré detection
Viewer includes an extra preview mode to highlight possible Moiré
areas. Conflicting angles, rulings and dot shapes can be highlighted
in the document.

The Viewer can exclude highlight and shadow areas where no patterning
occurs. Also light inks where the interference is invisible
in print can be excluded.

Flexo plate / print view
Minimum dots and highlight breaks require special attention from
flexo prepress operators. Viewer simulates this behavior on plate
and on press to catch errors in an early phase. See where gradations
break off and check whether the images in the file have been
properly adapted to your flexo press.

Viewer compare
Compare 2 files to spot their differences in a secure way. This can
be used for versions and variants


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