Kornit Avalanche DC Pro

The Kornit Avalanche DC Pro is the version of the Kornit Avalanche that answers the call of the fashion market. With its additional print heads and integrated discharge system, the Kornit Avalanche DC Pro produces an unprecedented hand feel, allowing digital garment and textile printers to enter the fashion industry.

Take advantage of having full control over discharge combinations with white ink. With Kornit’s integrated discharge t-shirt and garment printing system, this choice allows you to print up to XXL and cut pieces using full discharge, discharge in combination with white ink, or regular digital printing. With the Avalanche DC Pro, you enjoy all the benefits of the Kornit Avalanche as well as a softer hand feel and vivid color combinations.

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Main Features
Exceptionally fast print speed on both light and dark garments – up to 200 light A4 garments per hour
Discharge ink for printing discharge pieces
24/7 non-stop production workflow with dual-bridge system enabling true parallel printing
23.5 x 35 in / 60 x 90 cm print area for XXL garments and cut pieces

Print on multiple fabric types, including light and dark
14 Spectra Piezo electric print heads, 5 colors, 256 nozzles per head
Wide selection of pallets customized for different size garments


Printing Method
Direct to Garment

Ink Type
NeoPigment™ Ink

Print Heads
Spectra Piezo electric, 14 heads, 5 colors, 256 nozzles per head

Printing Area
Up to 23.5 X 35 in / 60 X 90 cm

Printing Substrates
Cotton, Polyester, Cotton-polyester blends, Lycra, Viscose, Linen, Leather, Denim, Silk, Wool and more

Throughput (shirts/hr)
Light garments: Up to 200, Dark garments: Up to 100

138 X 91 X 67 in / 350 X 230 X 170 cm

Weight Approx.

Power Requirements
400/208 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, 3W+N+PE

Operating System
Windows XP and Windows 7

Printing Resolution
Up to 630dpi

Operating Conditions
Temperature: 18°C-30°C / 64.4°F-86°F,
Humidity: 45%-75% relative humidity, non-condensing

Shut-down Conditions
5°C – 35°C (41°F – 95°F)


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