AXYZ Trident Series

Digital finishers are being asked to do more including routing aluminum and acrylic and cutting/trimming paper, vinyl, foam board, coroplast, styrene and rubber. As a result, we challenged our engineering team to develop a CNC router that meets the traditional demands of the digital finishing industry while delivering overwhelming power to take on broader projects.

Trident is an innovative hybrid CNC production system coming heavy-duty routing with fast knife cutting for processing the broadest range of materials in all print finishing, signmaking, foam and graphics applications. Popular applications include:

Graphics and Print Finishing – Cut-to-print using multiple tools for all materials

Signmaking – All types of 2D and 3D signs in woods, metals and plastics

Foam Packaging – 2D and 3D processing with router and knife tools

Point of Purchase – Display stands, fixtures and fittings

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Incorporating the best technology available, the Trident Series CNC router-knife hybrid delivers high-quality, high-performance features as standard. From its robust construction to the latest drive systems, Trident has been engineered to provide the very best return on your investment.

Choice of Knife Tools
The oscillating knife will easily slice materials such as soft or hard foam, delivering clean-cut edges. The tangential knife with its multiple blade options can cut a wide range of harder, heavier materials.

Solid Machine Base
A rigid, welded steel frame, fitted with an aluminum deck, creates a strong structure to support the most demanding processes.

Helical Rack and Pinion with Servo Motors
The helical rack and pinion provides superior high-speed performance delivering greater accuracy, smoother cutting and quieter running. For high-volume applications where cycle times need to be kept to a minimum, the powerful servo drives can increase productivity.

Tool Length Sensor
An automatic tool-length sensor which ensures accurate and consistent cut depths is fitted as standard on all Trident machines.

Router Spindle Options
Choose from manual, quick-release, high-power and high-speed spindles which can operate at speeds up to 40,000rpm. These allow effortless processing of tough materials such as aluminum, acrylic and woods.

Zoned Vacuum Deck
All Trident machines have machined aluminum vacuum decks to maximize material hold-down for quality cutting and reduced waste.

Smart Console
Full machine control at your fingertips for fast and easy machine setup in an intuitive and compact package.

Pumps and Blowers
Select from a range of high-power pumps or blowers to suit machine size and application requirements.

Trident is compatible with a multitude of optional enhancements to customize your CNC router and improve accuracy, flexibility, productivity and quality. Consult with your local AXYZ technical sales engineer to choose a set of configuration options that meet your unique needs.

Process Areas
Choose your preferred process width and then specify a length from 4ft to 50ft or even more.

Router Spindle Options
Spindles are available from quality manufacturers such as HSD and Elte with power outputs from 3Hp to more than 10Hp, a choice of manual, semi or fully automatic toolchange and high speed options for specialist applications.

ATC – Automatic Tool Changer
For maximum productivity Trident machines can be fitted with an automatic toolchange carousel containing 7, 21 or even 33 tool stations. The carousel is mounted on the gantry to minimize the toolchange time

Dust Collection
When using routing spindles the removal of dust and debris is vital for good quality edge finish and for health and safety. The AXYZ High Capacity and Universal 5Y Pressure Feet are designed to assist material hold down and also maximize extraction under all types of cutting conditions.

Choice of Knife Tools
Fitting a variety of knife tools can broaden the range of materials that can be processed. Choose from a tangential knife, oscillating knife and heavy-duty collet drag knife.

Camera Registration
The AXYZ Vision System (AVS) uses registration marks on printed materials to adjust the cutting program for perfect alignment. This essential option for cut-to-print applications works with all cutting tools and materials.

Pneumatically operated steel pop-up pins are useful for ensuring repeatable material placement. The number and positioning of the pins is fully customizable.

Spray Mister
Certain materials, in particular Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, often cut better with a small amount of lubricant or coolant. The Unist Mister option will automatically apply a pre-set amount to the tool during cutting and is compatible with all pressure feet options.


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