Barbieri is an internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of intelligent color measurement systems which ensure the highest image quality for professional digital printing.

Barbieri is the color measurement market leader for large format, flatbed and industrial printing.


Color is an important stake in the area of image quality and therefore of upmost importance in professional digital printing.

Images printed on most different media, on different printers, with different inks, viewed under different light conditions – all must look the same. This is the main purpose of color management in large, wide format, flatbed and industrial printing and if applied in the right way it guaranties outstanding results.
But more than this, color management will also help you reduce costs in day-to-day printing business; in particular ink, operators’ and printers’ time and media.

The digital Large Format and Flatbed Printing is one of the most fast growing markets as continuously new printers, inks and media appear on the marketplace. The creativity of advertisers thanks to these new technologies is almost unlimited and always new applications arise. ‘Corporate identity’ and ‘color-true’ also in large format printing are not any more buzzwords and nowadays they play a fundamental role in the whole visual communication. This can be guaranteed with color management and therefore ‘Color Management’ is one of the keys to success.

Customers expect their advertising to have the same colors no matter whether they are on a banner covering a whole building, in a light box at the bus station, wrapped on a car, printed on a window or on the packaging of their products. If colors do not match, customers will complain and refuse to pay for printer’s hard work.

Same as in every business also in Digital Large Format and Industrial Printing costs can be split up in fixed costs and variable costs.

Fixed costs are printers, the building etc. These, as the term states, are fixed no mather how many prints will be printed or sold.
Variable costs at the other side influence significantly the cost of every single print and vary also basing on the amount of prints or printing jobs. Some of these variable costs are the media used, the ink, the operators’ time, the time the printer is not working due to set up process.


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