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The reliable way to easily optimize data from different sources for different printing methods: GMG ColorServer

Creating uniform color standards instantaneously

Whether you’re a print shop or pre-press company, the problem is usually the same: customers often deliver print data in color spaces or with data that still needs preparation for different printing methods.

The testing and normalization of diverse PDF data is time consuming using conventional methods. GMG ColorServer reduces this time needed by providing fully automated color conversions for all printing processes, guaranteeing consistent results for a variety of printing processes and substrates.

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GMG DeviceLink: from CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK and good to great
GMG’s unique DeviceLink technology performs CMYK-to-CMYK conversions whilst preserving the black channel’s integrity. This makes it possible to optimally transfer print data from one printing standard to another.

Thanks to its CMYK re-separation, data can be standardized in terms of color composition, and the RGB-to-CMYK conversion achieves much smoother separations than those made with an ICC workflow. Also, when converting spot colors to CMYK, the superiority of the GMG DeviceLink technology is evident where the maximum gamut of the CMYK color space is used to full effect.

Essential benefits at a glance
Fully automated color conversion and data normalization

Reliable color management through the internal validation system

PDF optimization for print production (reduction of transparencies, layers and overprinting objects in PDFs)

Automated workflows with GMG ColorProof

Web interface for multi-site color management

Get the same visual color appearance in different substrates with the unique paper adaptation tool

Custom profiles builder for your specific profile conversion needs (profile editor)

Reduced color retouching time


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