ESKO Kongsberg XE10 Series

The Kongsberg XE10 is Esko’s smaller format platform, designed to provide a fast, highquality solution for samplemaking and shortrun production of folding cartons. Building upon their expertise with the Kongsberg large format digital finishing systems for corrugated and other packaging materials, Esko has incorporated a number of features from the architecture of its widely popular digital cutting and creasing tables. With the Kongsberg XE10, users can expect a digital finishing solution that outclasses others in both productivity and precision.

Assisted by a rack-and-pinion X / Y drive with precise motion control, a new, fast servo system and completely new tool set, the Kongsberg XE10 tables can deliver high operational speed and precision — with easy operation. The Kongsberg XE10 has a space-efficient, small footprint. Its work area measures 31.5” x 43.3” / 800 mm x 1100 mm. It can accept materials as large as 39.4” x 59.1” / 1000 mm x 1500 mm.

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Product Description

Tool stations

Static knife tool
The static knife tool can cut through thin, rigid material such as carton board, polypropylene and
polyethylene. Different knife blade adapters are available.

HiForce Knife tool
The HiForce knife tool is a general purpose tool suitable for cutting a wide range of materials. As
the name indicates this tool can apply a higher tool pressure than the Static Knife Tool.
The tool is prepared for a wide range of knife blades.

A pressure foot is included to reduce material tear and also to keep the material down as the knife

Crease tool
Along with the 15 and 26 mm wheels, it’s easy to crease folding carton and corrugated board. The
Kongsberg XE10 offers a maximum vertical tool force of 200 N (45 pounds), which means that even
the most rigid boxboard materials can be sufficiently creased.

Psaligraphy knife tool
The Psaligraphy knife tool is made especially for cutting fine and intricate details in paper and folding

A user friendly spring loaded detachable plastic foot prevents lifting, moving and destroying the
material while cutting.

Application examples are greeting cards, invitation cards, promotional items, folding carton samples.

VariCut tool
The VariCut tool is helpful when you want partial and complete cuts of folding cartons and varnish
blankets. With servo-controlled cutting depth accuracy, the VariCut tool can be used to micro-cut
with exceptional depth precision — and cut completely through the material — on the same job.
The tool is equipped with a base that hovers above the material, providing a reference check for
the cutting depth.

VibraCut tool
With the help of an electric motor, the VibraCut knife tool oscillates back and forth to cut singleflute
corrugated board up to, and including, C-flute and other fibrous materials of similar thickness.
The tool features a removable weighted foot that provides additional pressure on the material,
assuring a clean cut on boards with high recycle content.

HiFrequency VibraCut tool
The HiFrequency VibraCut Knife Tool is a special variant of the VibraCut knife tool for cutting a lot
of different materials, such as foam board and corrugated with high-recycled content.
It runs at twice the frequency and four times the amplitude of the standard VibraCut knife tool.
These properties, along with a more powerful motor, enable cutting of heavily recycled board at
efficient speed. To reduce material tear and also to keep the material down as the knife is pulled
out, a detachable pressure foot is included.

Flexible solution
Today ’s packaging design and production departments need a fast solution for samplemaking
and short-run production. The combination of increasingly tighter deadlines and
budget pressures, along with more variation and localization of packaging projects, demands
a speedy and flexible finishing solution.

The Kongsberg XE has been developed to deliver just that. Because no manual cutting nor expensive dies are needed, packaging runs from one to several thousand can be finished
fast, with professional results.

Wide range of materials The Kongsberg XE table can process a wide range of packaging materials: folding carton, single flute corrugated board, and synthetic materials such as polypropylene, to name a few.

Varnish blankets
The Kongsberg XE10 table provides an excellent solution for the production of varnish blankets
for offset printing. Because the Kongsberg XE can produce partial cuts with exact depths—
along with perfect registration for the printing press—it is cost-efficient for the preparation of
spot varnishing blankets for commercial print work and folding carton packaging.

Adapted workflow
Work faster with smart software. Esko provides the entire workflow to process packaging
design data for output on a cutting table and on a press.

ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular structural design editor for packaging. The i-cut
Suite is a collection of software dedicated to one-up editing, preflighting, repetition and workflow automation.


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