HP Latex 3100

Respond to peaks in production, without sacrificing quality

As markets move toward increasingly shorter turnaround times, the ability to meet contract commitments for the volumes of work at the quality customers expect is ever-growing—while at the same time achieving the costs needed to remain profitable.

The HP Latex 3100 Printer is designed to meet exactly these needs. With the capability to produce the highest quality for demanding sign and display and interior decoration applications, as well as achieve the price point required for economical outdoor applications, the HP Latex 3100 Printer delivers the speed, quality, and versatility to meet peaks in production, avoid outsourcing, and meet your contract commitments.

HP Latex prints are completely cured inside the printer, forming a durable print that’s ready for instant finishing, lamination, shipment, or display.

The HP Latex 3100 Printer features profound technological innovations—building on the benefits of third-generation HP Latex Ink technology—combined with highly efficient workflow features that enable you to respond to increasingly shorter turnaround times.

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Offer a diverse range of high-quality applications
Versatile HP Latex Technology and HP Latex Optimizer deliver high image quality at speed
Handle diverse campaign and production needs from high-value indoor to economical outdoor applications
Superb quality for signage and decoration—wide color gamut, sharp, repeatable quality, 6 colors, 1200 dpi
Retain media value—HP Latex Inks conform to the media surface, preserving gloss and texture, unlike UV

Enable higher profitability
Help reduce maintenance costs—with ramp-up training, HP Print Care preventive maintenance, uptime kits
Help reduce support and service fees with easy servicing your operator can perform
Maintain control over your costs and contract commitments by keeping peaks of production in-house
JDF enabled for integrating production data—for more accurate data analysis, accounting, and cost control

Handle peaks in production
Respond to increasingly shorter turnaround times without sacrificing quality—77 m2 /hr (830 ft2 /hr) indoor high quality
Proof while printing with the LED Proofing Lights for on-printer visual assessment and proofing Increase efficiency—Printer Status Beacon enables one person to operate multiple printers effectively
Confidently increase unattended printing with HP Latex Mobile app3 for remote production monitoring

HP Latex Optimizer Achieve high image quality at high speed
HP Latex Optimizer is the key component for delivering high image quality at the speeds achieved by the HP Latex 3100 Printer
Interacts with HP Latex Inks to rapidly immobilize pigments on the surface of the print
The result—sharp, crisp images, without sacrificing quality at high speeds

HP 881 5-liter Latex Inks
Take advantage of the wide color gamut and versatile performance of HP Latex Inks, plus:
Retain the value added from the media; HP Latex Inks conform to the media surface, preserving gloss and textures, unlike UV
Consider using prints unlaminated4 for short-term applications such as events and exhibition graphics

Consistent Image quality Benefit from industry-leading innovation designed to maintain consistent image quality
Embedded spectrophotometer for closed-loop color calibration
Automatic nozzle-out detection and replacement
Automatic printhead cleaning
HP Dynamic Swath Alignment and OMAS sensor suppress banding, even at high speeds

LED Proofing Lights Proof while printing, saving time and reducing waste
LED Proofing Lights for onthe-fly visual inspection and proofing
Front light, and a backlight ideal for high-value back light applications
No need to stop the printer, saving time, media, and ink

Printer Status Beacon Increase your labor efficiency
Intuitive signaling systems help production managers and operators see the status of the HP Latex 3100 Printer from afar
No need to be at the printer
Enables one operator to manage multiple printers and finishing equipment much more effectively
Works together with the HP Latex Mobile application for remote production monitoring

HP Latex Mobile application Improve operational efficiency with confidence during unattended operation
The HP Latex Mobile application provides remote visibility of production
Monitor printer and job status
See the jobs in the queue
Push-message notifications for warnings and alerts
Manage multiple HP Latex printers from one mobile device

JDF enabled Integrate the HP Latex 3100 Printer production data directly into an MIS system or the RIP via JDF
JDF—the industry-standard communication language/ protocol between devices
Helps improve production planning
Delivers more accurate costing and estimating
Helps improve competitive pricing and profitability


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