HP Scitex FB750

HP Inks for high durability and flexibility
Get into specialties, attract new customers; do more—white ink,2 double-sided, matte/gloss, textured effects
Improved image quality, improved high density photo print modes and high white opacityBoost your profit potential with more versatility
Expand into high-value applications managing boards up to 120 x 98 inches (302 x 250 cm)
Print on almost any rigid/flexible media up to 64 mm (2.5 in)

Gain high productivity and ease of use
Print indoor quality productively—up to 21.1 m2 /hr (227 ft2/hr),and manage long runs with 3-liter HP ink supplies
Efficient workflow lets you load, print, and collect media simultaneously
Save time with multi-image, multi-size capability on up to 6 sheets at the same time and true full bleed
New tabletop roll holder design for flexible substrates enables easy, fast, and efficient short-run printing

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Count on a true workhorse that’s easy and compact
Be print ready—rely on HP engineering for proven results and the backing of a partner you can trust Gain robust performance, sturdy media advance system, and heavy-duty tables—all in a space-saving design
High uptime with automatic maintenance, printhead servicing, and HP Print Care maintenance assistance
Safe work space with fully enclosed printer; HP UV-curable inks do not require special ventilation.

Retail POP/POS Create hundreds of different unique retail applications
Expand your offering into multisubstrate campaigns, combining rigid and flexible media.

Standing displays Flexible and high durability inks enable endless design possibilities for Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs)
Print on extremely thick materials—up to 6.4 cm (2.5 inches).

Produce high-saturation backlits, textured effects (matte/gloss, textures), and metallized effects with the certified Color-Logic Solution for high-value applications.

Outdoor signage
Deliver high durability without lamination, for both temporary and long-term outdoor displays up to 3 years.

Fine art and decoration
Expand into new markets such as hotel, restaurant, and corporate decoration. Print on a wide range of substrates such as aluminum, wood, glass, mirror, or acrylic.

Window graphics
Use the white ink inline system to deliver high white opacity applications on virtually any transparent, translucent, or colored materials

New rollers
Prevent damage to media edges with new roller design that enables easy and safe media loading.

Tabletop roll holder
Print flexible one-offs right on the spot. Start printing in seconds with the new tabletop roll holder accessory.

Continuous workflow
Load, print, and collect media simultaneously, experience true productivity.

Folding tables
Standard and extension folding tables fit easily in your shop, minimum space required.


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