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Adding graphics, entering production settings, creating cutting lines, adding dynamic marks, true shape nesting, exporting PDF and cutting files are the core tasks in any sign workflow.

Running on both Mac and Windows, i-cut Layout Essential has a simple, intuitive user interface that does not require training.

i-cut Layout Essential allows sign makers to work on several jobs simultaneously, without compromising the computer’s high performance.

With i-cut Layout Essential, users eliminate the risk for errors and reduce preparation time to the absolute minimum. This is key in an environment dominated by rush orders and short run jobs.

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Product Description

Optimize sheets with the Move and Rotate Tool
i-cut Layout Essential checks and prevents graphics from overlapping, and applies the gutter from the substrate to ensure a gap in between. This tool allows you to optimize sheets in a smooth and intuitive way.

Zoom and Pan in single graphic view
Inspect your artwork by zooming and panning in single graphic view, and edit in an external editor if needed

Direct link to external graphic editor
Errors in your graphics can be corrected in an external editor, directly accessible from i-cut Layout Essential.

Reduce errors by detection of modified graphics
A notification pops up when a graphic is overwritten in another application, providing you with the option to update or to keep the current graphic.

Optimize production with altered cutting lines
When creating cutting lines in the cutting lines tab, you can apply an offset for production purposes.

Optimize material, shorten production time
Instead of specifying quantities, you can now set graphics to “maximum fill”. This option will place as much copies as possible of a single graphic on a sheet.

Quality control with Trim Marks
Trim Marks are a new type of dynamic marks that can be added for quality control reasons.


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