PLS Platform Series

For customers with more demanding applications, we suggest the PLS series of laser platforms, which feature a number of enhancements designed to increase productivity in challenging environments. PLS laser platform users enjoy significant processing throughput gains from a maximum laser power 150 percent greater than VLS laser platforms and an on-board LCD screen that allows for on-the-fly parameter adjustment. Accessories like Dual Head and SuperSpeed™ increase vector and raster performance even further. These productivity enhancing features make the PLS series the ideal laser platform for throughput-focused operations.

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Uniquely Universal Features ULR Laser Sources
Universal’s patented air-cooled free-space gas slab lasers produce an excellent quality beam with even power distribution and good near- and far-field characteristics, making them ideal for laser material processing.

High Power Density Focusing Optics High Power Density Focusing Optics
(HPDFO) allow the laser beam to be focused to a much smaller spot, making it possible to engrave smaller text and produce sharper images at tighter tolerances.

1-Touch Laser Photo™
1-Touch Laser Photo is a proprietary software package that makes it quick and easy to produce photographic images on nearly any material.

Rapid Reconfiguration of Lasers
Laser platforms with Rapid Reconfiguration can be reconfigured with new laser sources in seconds, without tools. This allows you to configure your laser system to suit the task at hand, increasing quality and throughput.

Laser Interface+
This materials-based driver automatically determines the optimum processing settings for your target material. Just select the material type, enter in the material thickness, and start the laser system.

Dual Laser Configuration
The Dual Laser Configuration optically combines two ULS laser sources into a single beam for additional power and flexibility.

Software Controlled
The laser can be controlled by any software with a print function.

Process an endless number of materials available today and in the future.

Cut, engrave, mark, and produce photo images in one step.

Non Contact
Modify material without applying any physical force.

On Demand
Produce everything you need in real time, without waiting for hard tooling. Laser Technology Benefits SuperSpeed™ SuperSpeed is suitable for raster image applications and requires Dual Laser Configuration. This component allows two lines of a raster image to be produced simultaneously. For vector cutting, the laser beams can be combined to take advantage of higher power.


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