The XLS product family consists of modules that work together like building blocks to create the perfect solution to meet present and future business needs. This modular design architecture allows for the customized selection from modules that include feature-rich, highly configurable platforms, lasers, focusing optics, workflow and process optimization, safety and facility, and software. At the core of the XLS product family, in addition to our flexible, modular design architecture, is 25 years of expertise in laser-material interaction, enabling us to develop unique solutions that address diverse material processing needs— from the everyday to the unusually complex.

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Configurable Platforms
The platforms have a 40 x 24 in (1016 x 610 mm) laser material processing area and an advanced beam delivery system. The platforms provide high-speed, accurate and repeatable laser beam positioning by utilizing an extremely rigid, yet friction-free motion system, with high-performance servo driven motors.

Additional features include:
• Support for multiple lasers
• Support for multiple wavelengths using
patented Multiwave HybridTM Technology
• Touchscreen with full color LCD
• Multiple focusing modes
• Extensive safety features
• Laser System Manager software features a Materials Database and Estimation Tool

A selection of CO2 lasers are available for the laser system, in either single or multiple laser
configuration. The lasers in the system can be individually or simultaneously controlled, quickly
delivering a wide range of power from 10 to 150 watts. Also available are 9.3μ CO2 and 1.06μ Fiber lasers.

Focusing Optics
Multiple focusing optics kits are available to ensure excellent results with different materials
and processes.

Workflow & Process Optimization
An extensive list of workflow and process optimization modules can be integrated into the
DLMP system, allowing the system to expand its capabilities on demand.

Safety & Facility
With the addition of robust industrial safety and facility modules, the DLMP system can operate in almost any environment.

Control, Management and Usability Software
Universal’s advanced laser system software, Laser System Manager, is built into the DLMP
system, giving ultimate control and management of material processing. Several additional
software modules are also available.

DLMPTM System Building Blocks
The XLS product family modules are the building blocks that create the ideal DLMP system. The full range of XLS modules are listed below:

Configurable Platform
XLS 10.150D


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