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Norde International's creative digital solutions deliver the image quality, accuracy, speed, and color necessary to satisfy even the most demanding clients, while keeping costs low and helping you win new and repeat business.

Architectural Rendering
Print large-format drawings, schematics, renderings, and presentations with great ease, speed, and quality.
Engrave awards in multiple materials using incredibly versatile and easy-to-operate rotary engraving devices.
Deliver vibrant backlit applications that print fast and leave lasting impressions.
Bags and Accessories
Print directly on a range of accessories such as bags, scarves, shoes you create from cut piece printing.
Blue Printing
Achieve consistent, exceptional quality and efficient operation - whether you’re producing architectural renderings, maps,GIS, presentations, etc.
Showcase detailed and high quality cabinetry with the pinpoint accuracy and the variety of finishing effects.
Car Modification
Improve performance, aesthetics, or other visual modifications to change the appearance of the vehicle to your liking.
Make your most precious moments the center of attention as you beautifully showcase it with a canvas print.
Ceramic Tile Printing
Create unique interiors by adding company brands or original artwork to decorative tiles.
Color Proofing
Ensure that your proofs achieve a production level look with these color management and color proofing solution software tools.
Composite and Manufacturing Tooling
Design, build and fabricate high quality production molds that will last thousands of cycles.
Concept Modeling
Visualize ideas and turn them into reality through graphic, physical and virtual models.
Corporate Giveaways
Produce high quality promotional items including advertising specialties, logo products and corporate gifts.
Invent new ways of customizing furniture and ornaments for end-use.
Dental CAD/CAM
Expand your lab operation with on-demand production of high-aesthetic ceramics and composite resin prosthetics.
Teach students industry-relevant skills that are applicable to design and engineering careers.
Fab labs
A Fab Lab is a space equipped with tools and machines for digital fabrication, which can be utilized for limitless creation. Fab Labs are not to be seen simply as factories, but rather, they should be identified as a breeding ground for creativity where students, instructors, private sectors, government organizations, and micro, small and medium enterprises can work together in making prototypes, product designs, scale models, packaging, furniture, and other revolutionary creations that will benefit them and the community. A Fab Lab also functions as a workshop and training hub where all members of the community are welcome to share ideas, exchange opinions, and work on solutions that would address the community’s immediate concerns like the decline of income due to poor quality of products and insufficient man power. Norde International provides tools and computer-controlled machines to Fab Labs so they can do 3D printing, laser cutting, prototyping, large format printing, vinyl cutting, and CNC milling. With Norde’s availability of flexible machines, Fab Labs can benefit different industries like Manufacturing, Agriculture, Automotive, Tourism, Education, Food Distribution, Packaging, Healthcare, and Technology.
Discover extensive range of inkjet printing device solutions for heat transfer printing on fabric products.
Fabric Banners
Expand your potential. Print on a variety of indoor and outdoor, porous and non-porous applications.
Fashion Apparel
Build a successful business selling your designs on t-shirts or customizing apparel with team logos, corporate designs and customer artwork.
Fine art
Produce fine art prints and reproductions that demonstrate strict color accuracy and high quality.
Finishing Processes
Showcase detailed and high quality artistry with the pinpoint accuracy and the variety of finishing effects possible with these finishing solutions.
Flexible Packaging
Lead with innovative, next-generation digital packaging that strengthens your brand and creates a whole new level of engagement with your customers.
Floor Stickers
Lead with innovative, next-generation digital packaging that strengthens your brand and creates a whole new level of engagement with your customers.
Folding Cartons
Handle quick turnarounds and short runs with consistent, offset quality and produce customized, high-value folding cartons.
Functional Testing
Test a wide variety of mechanical features and applications to take your functional testing in a higher level.
General Commercial Printing
Offer your customers a differentiated product experience with high-value, creative and innovative application for commercial printing.
General Woodworking/Wood Engraving
Increase productivity and quality while maintaining the best consistency available in the industry through these finishing systems.
Graphic Design
Share and promote your work with professional photo quality and accuracy that are true to your vision.
Industrial Markings
Produce flawless images, graphics and fonts up quickly and easily without leaving any residue behind.
Interior Accents
Expand your photo offering and capture new profit with high-margin, customized wall-coverings and photo wall murals.
Jigs and Fixture
Create jigs and fixtures faster, while lowering the cost of production.
Labels Printing
Craft bottle labels, product labels and labels for boxes and packaging with our wide array of print/cut solutions.
Explore skills, share interests, and develop new ideas in an area where creative geniuses come together.
Automate medical device prototyping and manufacturing processes for custom parts, devices and implants.
Choose among numerous machine options for putting your custom designs onto metal.
Mold Production
Build new generation molds for plastic material using the most advanced 3D solutions.
Outdoor and Event Banners
Create unforgettable building covers and banners that stay crisp in outdoor conditions.
Add value to your products through custom printing and engraving solutions.
Produce professional photo- and gallery-quality fine art prints and photo enlargements, plus concept and contract proofs.
Plans-Line Drawing
Communicate clearly with excellent image and line quality on all your prints from drawing to satellite and aerial photos, maps, and more.
Point of Purchase Displays
Create eye-catching promotional displays on all types of media.
Develop prosthetic that are fully customized or fit to the needs of the wearer.
Print more of the documents your customers want with large-format printers that are easy, flexible, fast, and cost effective.
Rapid Prototyping
Turn your great ideas into successful products faster than ever before.
Reverse Engineering
Improve and reconstruct a broad range of manufacturing applications with effortless 3D scanners.
Security Printing
Make it as difficult as possible for a forger or digifeiter to counterfeit your brand and documents by pushing the limits of creativity and security design.
Shrink Sleeves
Bring bold colors and 360-degree product coverage capability to your shop to produce labels and shrink sleeves for packaging beverage, dairy products, and more.
Display signs and banners with vibrant and consistent colors, smooth gradations and razor-sharp details.
Stickers and Decals
Produce memorable and eye-catching logo stickers in vivid color on a range of clear and white vinyl’s and film.
Surgical Planning
Create a range of surgical appliances, restorations and models with consistency and exactness.
Topography Scale-Modeling
Perform additive or subtractive manufacturing to produce precision on functional parts and snap-fit prototypes.
Personalize your home to the next level by matching your wallpaper to your sofa upholstery.
Vehicle Wraps
Give your vehicles a hint of sophistication with the most eye-catching graphics or all-out metallic inks with these large-format solutions.
Wood,Metal and Acrylic Fabrication
High- and low-volume production of component parts in all non-ferrous metals is easier with the right machine and accessories.