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“I’m a small company, but I have state-of-the-art equipment capable of printing on all kinds of materials. That opens up a world of opportunities.”

“The LEF really got my business going. Without high quality prints that last, I wouldn’t have this business.”

“The LEF is perfect for our production. It accommodates the curve of the tiles, and the bed fits all of the tiles required for one sphere. Plus, the print quality is fantastic.”

“We’ve always asked ‘Are we significantly improving what we do by adding this equipment?’ With Roland technology, the answer is yes.”

“It’s great to be able to print any of our designs on a variety of products and materials, all on the same printer.”

“By keeping services in-house, we have more control over the quality and efficiency of our business.”

“To maximize our budget and impact we focused on the most sophisticated 3D printers possible. If we don’t have state-of-the-art equipment, there’s no reason for businesses to come to us.”

“The surgeons I work with tell me that planning with a 3D model saves time in the operating room, which ultimately improves patient outcomes.”

“With voxel printing that has the capability of a trillion voxels in the space of the printer and six different materials, the number of possible combinations is six to the power of a trillion, which is an astronomical number.”

“The MDX-50 is the perfect size and the fourth axis is a real time saver. Most importantly, it provides the high level of accuracy we need for the blocks.”