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This is What 3D Printing Looks Like for the Leading Lacrosse Company

“What an awesome cutter! Quiet servo motors, edge to edge cutting, contour cutting too!The Puma cuts it like a hot knife through butter.”

“After some testing, the first years we found that GCC and SignCom provided just that quality and reliability that we needed.”

“We have already bought 3 units of Venus and 1 Jupiter to produce the stamps. GCC laser machines are corresponding to Russian Federations Stamps norms and standards in spite of 1000dpi, when following them it must be not less then 1200dpi resolution.”

“Before 3D printing we would have to wait weeks for an outsourced prototype, and then start again if the design needed modifications. Now we print overnight and have our prototype ready in the morning.”

“Using HP printing technology we are generating opportunities for greater public engagement.”

“The HP DesignJet printer has transformed our business and made the complex building process more efficient.”

“Working in a confined space, the fact there was no residual chemical odor was a significant advantage for the people installing prints and for the public.”

“Our HP Latex printers enable us to keep our edge, attract new customers and grow the business.”

“Buying the R-Series machine was really exciting for us to stay ahead of the curve and be part of something new.”