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“What an awesome cutter! Quiet servo motors, edge to edge cutting, contour cutting too!The Puma cuts it like a hot knife through butter.”

“If the time comes that we need to add even more Kornits, so be it.”

“With Kornit we are able to beat our competitors in Individualization, Creativity and Personalization. We couldn’t survive without it.”

“We believe that quality matters when it comes to printing and therefore we use only the best machines on the market”

“We had goals for our machine. We’ve met all of them.”

“The Kornit HD6 is a very simple machine to use.”

“With the Avalanche HD we recently fulfilled a job of 1000 identical tshirts competitive to screen printing and as a benefit we also managed to 500 mixed designs for the same client in the same job.”

“We have more than 500,000 orders per year and the Kornit Avalanche HD6 systems give us the most possible output.”

“Summa’s F1832 helps us to further develop, innovate and find finishing solutions to every customer’s needs.”

“They really are one of the best investments ever made. They helped us to automate our workflow and considerably increase productivity.”