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“After some testing, the first years we found that GCC and SignCom provided just that quality and reliability that we needed.”

“In concert with the resources and planning tools from WeddingWire, these custom palettes created by The Pantone Color Institute are intended to help couples navigate their color and design choices in an inspiring, meaningful and uniquely memorable way.”

“Designed to be animated and spontaneous, Conan’s Team Coco orange is instantly engaging and conveys a playful sense of fun.”

“Pantone helped to contemporize our packaging with a new gold color, bring it to modern times.”

“We have used the color to really build the show’s identity.”

“If the time comes that we need to add even more Kornits, so be it.”

“With Kornit we are able to beat our competitors in Individualization, Creativity and Personalization. We couldn’t survive without it.”

“We believe that quality matters when it comes to printing and therefore we use only the best machines on the market”

“We had goals for our machine. We’ve met all of them.”

“The Kornit HD6 is a very simple machine to use.”