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“It‘s remarkable how GMG OpenColor generates maximum outputs from minimal inputs within a very short time.“

“All of our partners have been delighted with the proof qualities obtained using GMG OpenColor and the final print colors achieved. We are now including more and more printing companies and substrates in the workflow – a result that speaks for itself.“

“We used to say that for a profile you’d need three or four working days. Nowadays, most of the time is spent on the running of the measuring device. The calculation only takes a few minutes.”

“With GMG ColorServer, we are now achieving a significant increase in both, output quality and productivity levels.”

“The cooperation with GMG is always collaborative and pragmatic.“

“The color-metric quality is convincing and brings us the flexibility and speed we offer on paper to a range of different film types.”

“The image processing is now much smoother than before. Both time and the number of approval cycles has been significantly reduced. The investment has paid off in a very short time.”