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This is What 3D Printing Looks Like for the Leading Lacrosse Company

“If you use a TAZ 6 to make a product and it’s going well, you’re going to buy more TAZ 6s as you expand your business.”

“Customer service and Internet support has been excellent, and my LulzBot TAZ 3D Printer has produced consistent and beautiful prints.”

“Payback-wise, printing functional flexible parts on our LulzBot TAZ 3D Printers has given us the confidence to skip prototype tooling on multiple occasions; this saves us thousands in tooling costs and months on our timelines. Design-wise, we cannot put a price on being able to test out concepts that we would need tooling for in the past.”

“I chose the LulzBot Mini because of the robust build quality, ability to print almost any material, and LulzBot’s dedication to Open Source.”

“If we’d wanted to test everything in the harshest and most non-ideal circumstances possible – bar doing things underwater – we got them. And that was good, because ultimately these are the conditions the printers would be operating in and we figured if we can do it in a cyclone, high humidity and torrential rain, we can do it pretty much anywhere.”

“After trying a few other brands, the LulzBot Minis were the perfect solution.”