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“The scope of work is huge, and the scan results will certainly save months of work.”

“We were impressed by the easy usability and the geometry and texture-based tracking of Artec Space Spider”

“The time required to print a typical removable partial dental frame is reduced by 80 percent, which makes it possible to complete the partial denture framework in a day and a half.”

“The models that we were outsourcing were not as accurate as what we are getting from our Stratasys printers.”

“We switched from the competitor system to Stratasys because the Stratasys system is much more efficient.”

“No scanner on the market can match the combination of speed, flexibility, and accuracy that the Space Spider can for face and teeth scanning.”

“The rate at which you can capture data is fantastic.”

“Those were very fast scan sessions.No other scanner can measure such big parts this accurately and fast.”

“3D scanning has never been easier and more accessible.”