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“By 3D scanning the stone itself, the precise shape and size measurements can be obtained, which in turn helps in designing the prongs with a perfect fit.”

“The balance has been very positive. We have achieved a 4% improvement in productivity and over a 20% reduction in scrap.”

“Using a 3D scanner takes the guesswork out of modeling as it can guarantee an exact replication.”

“By using Solutionix 3D scanners, the brand is scanning all their masterpieces and converting them into data files instead, saving the brand storage and security costs.”

“The resulting helmet was not only aerodynamically efficient helmet but fit Yun perfectly, ensuring both comfort and safety for the Olympian Gold Medalist.”

“Solutionix D500 allowed us to perform complete inspections of the pieces in significantly shorter times, without contact, and retrieving better inspection data.”