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“Before 3D printing we would have to wait weeks for an outsourced prototype, and then start again if the design needed modifications. Now we print overnight and have our prototype ready in the morning.”

“The fact that we were able to print multiple iterations quickly enabled the designers to experiment more and still make all their deadlines.”

“The multi-color and multi-material bio-models assist surgeons to uncover hidden tissues and blood vessels that may be blocked by larger organs in the 2D scans.”

“Athletes are not engineers. So I needed to translate their words into several prototypes as quickly as I could. Without 3D printing, it would not have been possible.”

“If we wish to work with a prototype that behaves similarly to an artery, it must have elastic properties. Printers that work with only rigid materials would not be functional for this use.”

“The time required to print a typical removable partial dental frame is reduced by 80 percent, which makes it possible to complete the partial denture framework in a day and a half.”

“The models that we were outsourcing were not as accurate as what we are getting from our Stratasys printers.”

“We switched from the competitor system to Stratasys because the Stratasys system is much more efficient.”

“3D printing is the solution to many challenges in this market.”

“By being able to print the mold components, we can supply our customers with prototypes in a matter of days rather than weeks – and it’s actually less expensive.”