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“With our Fortus 450mc 3D Printer, we produced a fully-functional prototype ready for testing in just two days, reducing our lead times by 95% in comparison to conventional methods.”

“We estimate that we have already seen a ROI within just 18 months.”

“We can 3D print a tool in just two-and-a-half hours and at 80% reduced cost.”

“The Objet Eden260V 3D Printer helps us optimize the dental modeling process by producing high-quality models, rapidly and precisely. 3D printing is critical for digital dentistry.”

“Stratasys additive composite tooling solutions have allowed SSL to respond to design releases and changes with unprecedented speed at significantly reduced cost, without compromising part quality or performance.”

“The efficient process allows us to do more iterations than we could with other processes. That results in better-designed components.”

“Our opportunity here is setting up these modules for 1,000-plus parts, which I’m confident we can get to. Maybe even higher.”

“The FDM process of the Fortus 380mc produced a more stable part through the sampling process.”