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Vaquform is making made easy, believing that thermoforming is under-utilized by makers, the people who need it the most. It belongs in people’s workspaces, not just on factory floors. By making thermoforming more approachable—easier to understand and use—it can transform the way people bring their ideas to life.

Vaquform DT2
Vaquform DT2

The World’s First Digital Desktop Vacuum Former

Heater: Ceramic Type, mid-IR band
Vacuum System: Built-In, Dual-Stage Hybrid
Maximum Temprature: 280°C
Overall Dimensions: L400 x W335 x H405 mm
Noise Level: 65db, peak

Material Specifications
Sheet Size: L330 x W250 mm
Thickness Range: 0.2 – 3.0 mm
Supported Materials: HIPS, ABS, PETG,PVC, PMMA, PE, PP, PC, EVA, Kydex®

Forming Envelope
Area: Area L280 x W200 mm
Depth of Draw: 200 mm, max