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3D Printing Halloween Decorations

3D Printing Halloween Decorations

October 31, 2020

The wonderful thing about 3D Printing is that when you find really cool Halloween decorations online all you have to do is download the CAD or STL file, send it to the 3D printer and press GO! Take advantage of the amazing brand new Stratasys J55 PolyJet 3D printer! In doing so, we’ll learn about a fascinating process using an advanced image editing software which can be applied to all sorts of projects… especially on Halloween festivities!

Take a look at how Designer Engineer Rob Greer, CSWP from Javelin 3D printed Halloween decorations to scatter around their office.



He used and to search for models related to Halloween. He then came across some spiders that looked cool as well as a black cat in a witch’s hat, and also found a really cool pumpkin. He printed the spiders in white using the uPrint SE Plus and I used the Fortus 450mc to print the cat in black ABS.

After the spiders finished he changed the material in the uPrint SE Plus to print the pumpkin in black ABS. Now he can decorate his desk and shows off his Halloween spirit!


Another designer from Trimech created 3D printed spooky translucent parts using Stratasys PolyJet technology.

The J55 is an incredible new spin on the PolyJet 3D printing technology. This printer can utilize five materials at once, so our typical configuration is White, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Clear. This puts this machine very close to the capabilities of what its big brother, the J850 can do.

What really makes the J55 stand out though, is that it implements a build tray that looks like a record player’s turntable, as opposed to the traditional fixed tray with a head that moves on an x/y axis, accomplishing several things:

  • Speed: The rotating print platform in the J55 removes the need for the head to start and stop constantly, contrary to all previous variations of the PolyJet technology.
  • Reduced Noise: Because you remove the constant back and forth of the X-axis from the machine and replace it with a continuously running motor, the overall noise levels are under 53 decibels, making it truly office friendly.
  • Accuracy: The J55 has one print mode, High Quality Speed, which is 18-micron layer height and boasts part accuracy of ± 150 microns.
  • Large Build Tray: While the maximum model size that you can print tops out at 140 x 200 x 190 mm’s, the total build area of the tray is a whopping 1,174 cm2! Comparing this to other PolyJet machines, it beats both its little brother, the Objet30 Prime (565 cm2), and its big brother, the J826 (643 cm2). It also comes VERY close to matching the build capacity of the even higher end J835 (1,225 cm2).


Using the J55 to Print Translucent Halloween Parts   

For Halloween, the designer used the J55 and our combination of advanced 3D CAD/photo manipulation software to map a little toy ghost with both advanced full-color textures and also incorporate transparency. In incorporating transparency, it doesn’t mean making a section of it clear and the rest of it opaque. Instead, what it means is that producing a gradient transition, so that the top of the ghost stays opaque, but as we move lower, the part will become increasingly transparent, until its very bottom is clear! Though the part is designed in SOLIDWORKS, the designer generated a VRML file that will open in Adobe Photoshop.



There are other interesting Halloween designs in this GrabCAD blog where you’ll have access to millions of CAD files and the best 3D printers on the market from Stratasys. 



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