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HP Technology on Environmental Sustainability

HP Technology on Environmental Sustainability

April 21, 2020

How HP is Reinventing ‘Reuse’ and Creating Environmental Social Impact

Strengthening the planet, its people and our communities isn’t just HP’s responsibility as an influential participant in the global market — it’s vital to the longevity of their business. Whether it’s designing energy-efficient products built for easier recyclability, raising environmental standards across our supply chain, or helping to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, NORDE is committed in providing our clients with products that has lasting sustainable impact on the world.

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, we have listed HP’s environmental efforts and goals that keep setting the bar higher in the industry.



At HP, we know that what’s good for the environment is good for business and society. Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate this big blue marble we call home, take stock of our individual and company impacts and efforts to improve, and envision the world we want for ourselves and future generations.

Through action, partnerships and advanced technology, NORDE is proud to be the preferred ambassador of HP in building a better economy that supports people, profits and the planet.