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Revolution Begins with an R

Revolution Begins with an R

May 30, 2019

HP Latex R-series Open House Event

The previously release HP Latex R-series has now come to Norde International! Dubbed as the Revolution Begins with an R, Norde International and HP Philippines hosted a New Product Introduction to their existing VIP clients and walk-in guests, wherein an educational seminar was held in the morning and a demo tour in the afternoon to witness the launching of the HP Latex R1000.

Unlike any other HP Latex printers, R1000 is the very first HP Latex technology designed for printing on a number of both rigid and flexible materials including foam boards, PVC boards, fluted polypropylene, aluminum, acrylic, wood, and even glass.

In fact, guest speaker and country manager for Philippines and Vietnam, Mr. Eugene Marquez discussed that R1000 brings the most vibrant colors into the rigid printing world, and pioneers white ink capabilities with HP Latex White Ink. He also stated in one of his presentations the sustainability of R1000, as it produces totally odorless flexible and rigid prints with eco-friendly, Original HP Latex water-based inks.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kelvin Peh and Mr. Rice Cruzado, technical consultants for HP Asia-Pacific-Japan, presented how the R-series delivers a portfolio of end-to-end workflow solutions for almost any rigid and flexible applications. They gave insights on how the end-users can enable their businesses to print without limitations using HP Latex – which are designed to maximized productivity.



For smart printing processes that can boost efficiency, flexibility, and profitability, Mr. Sudarshan Vaidya, Service Delivery Manager for South East Asia emphasized on how the end-users can grow their businesses with a Smart Portfolio of HP Latex services. He showed ways and tactics on boosting productivity and color management skills to move to higher value applications.



Followed by Ms. Ann Ng of Summa, she took the opportunity and discuss the next innovative, finishing solution and cutting precision for the printing, outdoor advertising, and sign making industries. She highlighted how Summa can be the perfect partner-of-choice for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, by showing some of the applications.

After an insightful session from the Principals, a demo tour was held in the Norde Innovation Center so guests would get to see the applications produced in the R1000. These applications were printed in a variety of rigid and flexible substrates from foam boards and card boards, to glasses and mirrors. They were displayed in different themes like supermarket, sports retail, museum, and outdoor setting. The guests were pretty amazed with the exhibit as they took turns in taking photos and exchanged thoughts on the endless possibilities and business opportunities of an R-series.

After a while, Mr. Kelvin Peh led the demo on the HP Latex so the guests would also see the operations of R1000, followed by a demo on the Summa Flatbed.

Overall, it was a successful event as this revolutionary HP Latex R series has revealed to everyone how it can open their business to a whole new world of creative opportunities and offerings!