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Manila Mini Maker Faire 2019:

A Family-friendly Festival of Invention, Creativity, Ingenuity and more.

For the third year in a row, the Philippines is once again in the global maker map as The Mind Museum hosts this year’s Manila Mini Maker Faire (MMMF) on June 22-23, 2019 at The Mind Museum, BGC.

Dubbed as the greatest show and tell on earth, the Manila Mini Maker Faire is a gathering of curious people who enjoys learning new things, discovering innovative solutions, and sharing what they do – a melting point of science, art, engineering, creativity, entrepreneurship, and craft. These fields aren’t limited to the experts and specialists, but to children and indigenous people as well! A large number of our makers are students, mothers, indigenous communities, and all sorts of people of different backgrounds and walks of life.



This year, the fair highlights environmentally sustainable projects showcasing resourceful inventions such as solar-powered waste collectors, motorcycles retrofitted with electric engines, and products made purely from ocean plastic. Basing innovation around local communities ensures real-world problems are solved and addressed as well.




There are also hands-on maker activities and sign-ups for a variety of free and ticketed workshops including Bokashi mudball making, robotics, paper engineering, 3D design, eco art organic painting, and more.




It is a family event that celebrates all things creation, invention, and resourcefulness – the perfect avenue for tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, artists, and students of all ages to interact and share what they know and what they have already learned, and Norde International Distributors cannot miss this.

Since Norde has been at the forefront in introducing the possibilities of digital fabrication technology in the Philippines, our team of Makers joined this event in the promise of showcasing the groundbreaking designs, applications, and advanced technology machines such as full-color 3D printers, 3D milling machines, laser cutters, and metal impact engravers.



Norde International believes in the concept of Maker Fair as it produces celebrations of local maker culture. These community-based learning events inspire everyone who attends and connects people and projects in their local community. It is about sharing maker culture across the world, nurturing new ideas, connections, technologies, and skills.

We believe that the Maker Movement is impacting the future of work, product development, education and learning, and more all over the world. Maker Faire and Make: magazine have been leaders in telling the maker story since 2005. It’s our mission to celebrate and nurture maker culture and the creative spirit.

HP Latex R-series Open House Event

The previously release HP Latex R-series has now come to Norde International! Dubbed as the Revolution Begins with an R, Norde International and HP Philippines hosted a New Product Introduction to their existing VIP clients and walk-in guests, wherein an educational seminar was held in the morning and a demo tour in the afternoon to witness the launching of the HP Latex R1000.

Unlike any other HP Latex printers, R1000 is the very first HP Latex technology designed for printing on a number of both rigid and flexible materials including foam boards, PVC boards, fluted polypropylene, aluminum, acrylic, wood, and even glass.

In fact, guest speaker and country manager for Philippines and Vietnam, Mr. Eugene Marquez discussed that R1000 brings the most vibrant colors into the rigid printing world, and pioneers white ink capabilities with HP Latex White Ink. He also stated in one of his presentations the sustainability of R1000, as it produces totally odorless flexible and rigid prints with eco-friendly, Original HP Latex water-based inks.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kelvin Peh and Mr. Rice Cruzado, technical consultants for HP Asia-Pacific-Japan, presented how the R-series delivers a portfolio of end-to-end workflow solutions for almost any rigid and flexible applications. They gave insights on how the end-users can enable their businesses to print without limitations using HP Latex – which are designed to maximized productivity.



For smart printing processes that can boost efficiency, flexibility, and profitability, Mr. Sudarshan Vaidya, Service Delivery Manager for South East Asia emphasized on how the end-users can grow their businesses with a Smart Portfolio of HP Latex services. He showed ways and tactics on boosting productivity and color management skills to move to higher value applications.



Followed by Ms. Ann Ng of Summa, she took the opportunity and discuss the next innovative, finishing solution and cutting precision for the printing, outdoor advertising, and sign making industries. She highlighted how Summa can be the perfect partner-of-choice for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, by showing some of the applications.

After an insightful session from the Principals, a demo tour was held in the Norde Innovation Center so guests would get to see the applications produced in the R1000. These applications were printed in a variety of rigid and flexible substrates from foam boards and card boards, to glasses and mirrors. They were displayed in different themes like supermarket, sports retail, museum, and outdoor setting. The guests were pretty amazed with the exhibit as they took turns in taking photos and exchanged thoughts on the endless possibilities and business opportunities of an R-series.

After a while, Mr. Kelvin Peh led the demo on the HP Latex so the guests would also see the operations of R1000, followed by a demo on the Summa Flatbed.

Overall, it was a successful event as this revolutionary HP Latex R series has revealed to everyone how it can open their business to a whole new world of creative opportunities and offerings!

Happy Andrada Showcased Breakthrough Fashion Technology with Customized Printed Fabrics at Transcendence Fashion Show


Leading the innovation of textile printing technology, NORDE International, in partnership with Kornit Allegro – the world’s first single step roll-to-roll digital textile printing system, revolutionized fabric customization by launching a fashion collection with globally-renowned fashion designer Happy Andrada. The customized fabric collection of Happy Andrada and Norde International was launched at the TRANSCENDENCE event last July 28, 2017 at the Marquee Tent, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, Philippines with a print exhibition partnered with Artists and Company Manila and Moss Manila.



TRANSCENDENCE succeeded in capturing the movement of dancers through a photoshoot with Artists and Company’s photographer, Shaira Luna. After the photos were taken, Happy Andrada’s team of surface designers used the dancers’ images to create up to 50 nature-inspired digital patterns. These patterns were then digitally printed on different fabric materials ranging from chiffon, tulle, organza, up to the more complicated ones like duchess, piña fabric, and spandex. The Kornit Allegro, being the only true digital solution for textile printing, made it possible to print on the wide variety of fabrics in time for sewing and production.



Kornit Digital’s exclusive partner in the Philippines, Norde International, proudly welcomed the Kornit Allegro as its newest addition to their fleet of industrial printing solutions earlier this month.  “The Kornit Allegro is an entire production process in one system. No pre- or post-treatment is necessary to print on a wide variety of fabrics.”  Sandy Lui, Marketing Director of Kornit Digital-Asia Pacific said.

Happy Andrada’s 31-piece collection is the first Filipino-designed RTW and couture collection designed entirely out of customized fabrics with NORDE and Kornit Digital. “This partnership with Happy embodies how far we can transcend the power of fashion design with the right tools. Now, fashion designers can make their own collection by starting with a design that they made themselves. Photos and patterns can now be printed on a wide array of fabrics easily. Fashion reached a new level of meta tonight.” said Denis Ragos-Ty, Marketing Manager of Norde International.



Textile customization is now available in the Philippines. Textile manufacturers can now produce their own designs, enabling artists with this technology as they reach the next level of fashion and design. With the technology of Kornit Allegro launching in the Philippine market, fashion designers can now exceed the possibilities of how they can further personalize their collections.

Vibrant Rooms Paint Difference for Patients at National Children’s Hospital

Who said hospital rooms have to be plain and boring?

What used to be dull rooms have been turned into visual feasts for kids with the help of vibrant wallpapers.

The five rooms at the respiratory wards of the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City turned colorful after wallpapers adorned their walls.

“It’s really different now. Unlike before, the walls were bare. The old walls easily caught dust. We feel that our babies are safer here,” said Jocelly Bacalla.

The 42-year old Bacalla from Navotas had been in the hospital twice because of her three-month-old baby’s heart problem.


“It’s beautiful now. I feel like I’m just at home,” Bacalla said.
MJ Policarpio, who shares the same room with Bacalla, said the new wallpaper prints were stress-relievers.

“It really removes stress. It’s beautiful and it’s good for the kids,” said Policarpio, whose baby has been confined in the hospital for two weeks now.

Compared to the old look with white paint, Policarpio said the walls look cleaner and nicer this time.


Happier, more playful kids

Dr. Epifania Simbul, Medical Center Chief of the National Children’s Hospital said the vibrant wallpapers would add to the faster recovery of their patients.

“You know sometimes, medicine is not enough. When you have the feeling of well-being, it increases your body resistance. There are hormones that are secreted in the body when you are happier that will hasten your recovery,” Simbul said.

Only three days after the wallpapers were placed, Simbul said the kids have become more playful and happier.

“The babies are more playful, of course even the parents are very happy to see their environment is colorful,” she said.
Images of animals, the outer space, food group and outdoor activities, among many others, adorn the walls of the rooms now.

“This is an adjunct to the treatment that we are giving. As I have mentioned, if you are happier, it boosts your immune system,” Simbul said.
The wallpapers, she said, “brighten the environment” and would remove the “painful memories” of their patients.

“It becomes a playground and not a lonely hospital room,” she said.
With the vibrant wallpapers on the kids’ wards, she hoped that their recovery would be faster.
“I hope so because as I have mentioned, it produces or increases our secretion of hormones in our body. When we are happy, we feel better, we feel well,” she said.




The colorful wallpaper on the wards was a part of the corporate social responsibility project of Norde International Distributors in partnership with HP Latex. The project was undertaken in line with the 71st Founding Anniversary of the National Children’s Hospital.


Elaine Hao Chin, VP Finance and Operations Norde International Distributors, said the wallpaper prints were environment-friendly, making them safe for the kids, the parents and the hospital.


“We want the children more comfortable and at the same time provide a safe environment for them. The materials we used are environmental-friendly. They are safe for kids and for sensitive environments.

“With this activity we hope everyone’s stay here a little bit brighter, livelier and we add a bit more joy to everyone here,” she added.