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How environmentally friendly is

large format printing?



Now that health is on everyone’s agenda, either you are concerned about your customers are becoming more green sensitive, or simply you care about your operators, you may be interested to learn more about the key health and environmental advantages of HP Latex against eco-solvent technology.

Let’s be clear: eco-solvent inks (by the way, ‘eco’ comes from economic, not ecological) are by definition made of a solvent vehicle, which can be hazardous and needs to be evaporated and carefully controlled. While we have seen an improvement in the smell of eco-solvent inks, but that doesn’t mean that they are safer. In fact, they still carry the ‘dangerous goods’ logos in the cartridges, indicating the risk of health issues for anyone exposed to them because of its toxic fumes.



In contrast, HP Latex inks are water-based, meaning that the main vehicle is water instead of solvent. Some competitors may argue that water-based inks scratch off prints easily but the thing is, HP Latex inks have sophisticated formulations, containing many other components like humectants, which ensure that the print head keeps wet, surfactants that allow the ink to better adhere to uncoated substrates, and the anti-scratch agent that protect the print once cured. The best part is, none of those components are hazardous in the quantities we use in the ink or to print. Below are the key considerations for selecting HP Latex printing over eco-solvent printing from


Instant dry, same day delivery

In today’s competitive environment, turnaround time to deliver an order is critical. Most of the applications produced with eco-solvent are laminated, and before applying the lamination, prints must be ‘degassed’ for 24-48 hours to avoid the appearance of bubbles and other artifacts.

Alternatively, HP Latex inks are ready to finish and ship as soon as they come out of the printer as there are no solvents to evaporate.

And they don’t smell.


More applications, high image quality and enhanced durability

When comparing eco-solvent and HP Latex print service providers (PSPs) need to consider the media breadth and application coverage. This is one of the most important benefits of latex compared to eco-solvent, due to the huge range of flexible materials, coated and uncoated, that you can print with HP Latex. It’s not only about doing vinyl and banners, but expanding to films, papers, textiles, canvas, wall paper and others.

Both eco-solvent and HP Latex give excellent image quality and color gamut that’s almost photo-realistic. However, the big advantage of HP Latex is its ability to get high quality and sustain it print after print across a wide range of applications, thanks to the printers’ automatic maintenance and calibrations.

Print durability is also a major competitive differentiator. Let’s consider two aspects of durability: light fade and scratch resistance. Regarding light fade, both eco-solvent and HP Latex use pigmented inks and as a result give similar light fade performance. What is unique to the third generation of HP Latex Inks is their scratch resistance. Eco-solvent prints are easy to scratch – just try it with your finger nail – so most of the time you will need to laminate them.


Better for customers, operators and the environment

Eco-solvent inks are by definition made of a solvent vehicle, which can be hazardous, and need to be evaporated and carefully controlled. While we have seen an improvement in the smell of eco-solvent inks, that doesn’t mean they are safer. They still carry the ‘dangerous goods’ logos in the cartridges.

Some competitors claim that latex inks contain solvents, with the aim to create confusion. HP Latex inks are sophisticated formulations, containing many components which ensure that the printhead stays wet, surfactants, which allow the ink to better adhere to uncoated substrates, and the anti-scratch agent, which protects the print once cured. None of those components are hazardous in the quantities used in the ink or to print. HP has internal experts that actively design the inks so that they are compliant with most demanding regulations.


No cost trade-offs

Although most people care about environmental sustainability, they are not as willing to pay more for a sustainable print. With HP Latex, we make sure that prints do not cost more to produce. With each new generation of HP Latex Printers, we have reduced the energy required to cure the ink by half, to the point of making it a non-issue. We also price all our inks and consumables to have a comparable or even better cost per page than original eco-solvent inks, and we have introduced bigger supplies to meet the needs of demanding customers.



HP Latex technology is unique, combining more advantages into one technology than any competitive alternative, making it the first choice in today’s market for printing flexible signs, display graphics and interior decoration.

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Staying ahead in the printing world means investing in new technology and innovation, such as the ability to print on both rigid and flexible substrates with water-based inks. HP’s revolutionary Latex R Printer series offers your customers the ability to showcase their products or services in unique and inventive ways with the glossiest white and the most vibrant colors on rigid substrates.

The new portfolio introduces the new entry-level HP Latex R1000 model, offered at an attractive entry price point. Additionally, HP has introduced improvements across the portfolio. The R Series printers now enable customers to benefit from higher productivity and efficiency.

Software productivity advancements include expanded queue management capability and automated updates. More efficient multi-sheet media loading and handling will help significantly boost output. These upgrades will be available to existing R Series printer customers.

The R series will also boost the capability of Print Service Providers (PSPs) to grow applications such as custom short-run packaging, POP corrugated displays, and printed thermoforming, benefitting from fine details and saturated color image quality on cardboard stock and amazing HP Latex ink elongation capabilities when producing thermoformed printer parts.


“With the new HP Latex R Printer series 2020 edition, large format print service providers will benefit from new levels of performance. They will also be able to expand to fast-growing applications, such as short-run special packaging and printed thermoforming for which HP Latex inks technology delivers top-quality performance,” said Guayente Sanmartin, general manager, HP Large Format Graphics Business, HP Inc.


Revolutionary Technology

HP Latex combines more advantages into one technology than any competitive alternative.


Application Versatility 

Print on your choice of substrates and get scratch-resistant, durable prints with HP Latex Inks.  With our high-efficiency curing system, prints come out dry and ready-to-use.




High Quality and Productivity 

Get the color, quality, and consistency you expect with HP Latex printheads and the spectrophotometer. HP Latex Optimizer and our Optical Belt Advanced System enable high quality even at the highest productivity levels.



End-to-End Sustainability

Embrace a more sustainable approach with water-based inks and recyclable HP ink cartridges. Odorless prints allow you to reach new indoor spaces, previously untapped by solvent and UV inks.




Get to know more about the R Series


HP Latex R Printers powers PSPs with ultimate versatility for one technology to achieve the same look across rigid and flexible campaigns. A single ink set delivers vibrant HP Latex color gamut along with the industry’s glossiest white. HP’s White Latex Ink set an industry first by developing an innovative system that recirculates the white ink to avoid settling. The R Series printer portfolio includes:


The R Series rigid substrate capabilities include paper and plastic foamboard, PVC foam, corrugated board, acrylic, polycarbonate, compressed cardboard, honeycomb board, aluminum composite panel, and wood. Roll substrates include PVC banner, self-adhesive vinyl, coated paper, polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyester, textiles, and canvas.


HP Latex R printing lets you transform almost any surface, providing you infinite possibilities for your business. With a trusted brand like HP, your business can open a whole new world of opportunities. For inquiries, you can talk to our product specialist at 0998-597-3593, or email us at


In the Philippines, September – or the start of BER months – is considered the start of the Christmas countdown. It may seem a bit early to be thinking about ornaments and presents but in our culture, BER month is the most heated time of year for most brands. Although this year’s holiday season may seem a bit different because of everything that has been going all over the world, customers – especially Filipinos, still want to feel the hope and joy that this season brings.

Clients are packed in available stores – with social distancing in mind – and website traffic is going through the roof. But in all that commotion, when is the best moment to start preparing? If you’re a business owner, the Holidays have been on your mind for quite some time now. There’s a whole lot of marketing to do and some strict deadlines to meet. So the real question is, how do you stand out among the competition? Your answer this year lies in creating a special line of packaging in preparation for Christmas.

Packaging is one of these elements that you can – and should – plan well in advance. In the end, Christmas is the ultimate challenge for all eCommerce owners, retailers and marketers alike.

For print service providers, you can now create custom gift wrap with HP Indigo printers, or HP Latex print and cut solutions with little to no investment. Technology is making personalization widespread for a vast array of products and services. HP allows consumers to personalize their gifts with photos, text and images for every occasion especially this Christmas season. Below are several benefits of implementing a special line of packaging using HP digital technologies that will provide a new profitable market opportunity this coming holiday season.


Festive packaging refreshes your brand image

A successful holiday packaging design isn’t one that uses generic seasonal imagery – it’s when a brand has put its own spin on the holidays. This is much more unique and memorable to consumers, and ensures that important brand elements aren’t lost in your refresh. For example, when reds, greens, and metallics make up the usual seasonal color palette, choosing something different will really stand out!

Photo courtesy: Kinga Offert



Allows you to create special variants of your product

As a brand creating an exclusive line of products for Christmas, you can take your product shelf appeal to the next level with customized graphics, images, colors and text that integrates your new flavors or new variants of your product. HP Mosaic of HP Indigo allows for hyper-customization of your packaging and labels. We have the ability to produce totally unique and customized versions so every single unit is 100% unique. Studies show that this uniqueness is exactly what younger consumers now want.


Photo courtesy: Design / Art Direction: Katerina Teterkina, Openmint | Visual: Nikita Bukoros


Creates an opportunity to surprise your customers

When your customers open a box, they expect this moment to a memorable experience. How to conjure those sparks?

One of the ways is printing a little something inside the box. Provoke your customer and create an intriguing mystery around your product. Let the customer discover the product, with your design leading the path!


Photo courtesy:



Emphasizes the special holiday offer

Creating a special line of packaging creates a whole new level of engagement with your customers and strengthens your brand. It emphasizes the special holiday offer especially when you create eye-catching variation on the shelf, it can also be used to create collectable items each with its own customized element. You can use promo tags or quotes to create unique text on each package. This makes each purchased item “special” to the consumer.


Photo courtesy: Client: Innisfree – Project Direction: Innisfree Design Team | Art Direction & Design: Charry Jeon
Photography: Kiwoong Hong



The bottom line

Holiday packaging doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your products – it also provides a valuable service to your customers. It’s these kinds of interactions that consumers will remember long after the festive season is over.

Businesses mustn’t think of the holidays just as a seasonal jump in sales – the key to long-term success is transforming holiday traffic into repeat business. If you play your cards right, holiday packaging can positively impact your business into the new year and beyond!

Don’t miss these many benefits of the HP digital technologies:

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How HP is Reinventing ‘Reuse’ and Creating Environmental Social Impact

Strengthening the planet, its people and our communities isn’t just HP’s responsibility as an influential participant in the global market — it’s vital to the longevity of their business. Whether it’s designing energy-efficient products built for easier recyclability, raising environmental standards across our supply chain, or helping to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, NORDE is committed in providing our clients with products that has lasting sustainable impact on the world.

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, we have listed HP’s environmental efforts and goals that keep setting the bar higher in the industry.



At HP, we know that what’s good for the environment is good for business and society. Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate this big blue marble we call home, take stock of our individual and company impacts and efforts to improve, and envision the world we want for ourselves and future generations.

Through action, partnerships and advanced technology, NORDE is proud to be the preferred ambassador of HP in building a better economy that supports people, profits and the planet.

HP Latex R-series Open House Event

The previously release HP Latex R-series has now come to Norde International! Dubbed as the Revolution Begins with an R, Norde International and HP Philippines hosted a New Product Introduction to their existing VIP clients and walk-in guests, wherein an educational seminar was held in the morning and a demo tour in the afternoon to witness the launching of the HP Latex R1000.

Unlike any other HP Latex printers, R1000 is the very first HP Latex technology designed for printing on a number of both rigid and flexible materials including foam boards, PVC boards, fluted polypropylene, aluminum, acrylic, wood, and even glass.

In fact, guest speaker and country manager for Philippines and Vietnam, Mr. Eugene Marquez discussed that R1000 brings the most vibrant colors into the rigid printing world, and pioneers white ink capabilities with HP Latex White Ink. He also stated in one of his presentations the sustainability of R1000, as it produces totally odorless flexible and rigid prints with eco-friendly, Original HP Latex water-based inks.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kelvin Peh and Mr. Rice Cruzado, technical consultants for HP Asia-Pacific-Japan, presented how the R-series delivers a portfolio of end-to-end workflow solutions for almost any rigid and flexible applications. They gave insights on how the end-users can enable their businesses to print without limitations using HP Latex – which are designed to maximized productivity.



For smart printing processes that can boost efficiency, flexibility, and profitability, Mr. Sudarshan Vaidya, Service Delivery Manager for South East Asia emphasized on how the end-users can grow their businesses with a Smart Portfolio of HP Latex services. He showed ways and tactics on boosting productivity and color management skills to move to higher value applications.



Followed by Ms. Ann Ng of Summa, she took the opportunity and discuss the next innovative, finishing solution and cutting precision for the printing, outdoor advertising, and sign making industries. She highlighted how Summa can be the perfect partner-of-choice for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, by showing some of the applications.

After an insightful session from the Principals, a demo tour was held in the Norde Innovation Center so guests would get to see the applications produced in the R1000. These applications were printed in a variety of rigid and flexible substrates from foam boards and card boards, to glasses and mirrors. They were displayed in different themes like supermarket, sports retail, museum, and outdoor setting. The guests were pretty amazed with the exhibit as they took turns in taking photos and exchanged thoughts on the endless possibilities and business opportunities of an R-series.

After a while, Mr. Kelvin Peh led the demo on the HP Latex so the guests would also see the operations of R1000, followed by a demo on the Summa Flatbed.

Overall, it was a successful event as this revolutionary HP Latex R series has revealed to everyone how it can open their business to a whole new world of creative opportunities and offerings!

Vibrant Rooms Paint Difference for Patients at National Children’s Hospital

Who said hospital rooms have to be plain and boring?

What used to be dull rooms have been turned into visual feasts for kids with the help of vibrant wallpapers.

The five rooms at the respiratory wards of the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City turned colorful after wallpapers adorned their walls.

“It’s really different now. Unlike before, the walls were bare. The old walls easily caught dust. We feel that our babies are safer here,” said Jocelly Bacalla.

The 42-year old Bacalla from Navotas had been in the hospital twice because of her three-month-old baby’s heart problem.


“It’s beautiful now. I feel like I’m just at home,” Bacalla said.
MJ Policarpio, who shares the same room with Bacalla, said the new wallpaper prints were stress-relievers.

“It really removes stress. It’s beautiful and it’s good for the kids,” said Policarpio, whose baby has been confined in the hospital for two weeks now.

Compared to the old look with white paint, Policarpio said the walls look cleaner and nicer this time.


Happier, more playful kids

Dr. Epifania Simbul, Medical Center Chief of the National Children’s Hospital said the vibrant wallpapers would add to the faster recovery of their patients.

“You know sometimes, medicine is not enough. When you have the feeling of well-being, it increases your body resistance. There are hormones that are secreted in the body when you are happier that will hasten your recovery,” Simbul said.

Only three days after the wallpapers were placed, Simbul said the kids have become more playful and happier.

“The babies are more playful, of course even the parents are very happy to see their environment is colorful,” she said.
Images of animals, the outer space, food group and outdoor activities, among many others, adorn the walls of the rooms now.

“This is an adjunct to the treatment that we are giving. As I have mentioned, if you are happier, it boosts your immune system,” Simbul said.
The wallpapers, she said, “brighten the environment” and would remove the “painful memories” of their patients.

“It becomes a playground and not a lonely hospital room,” she said.
With the vibrant wallpapers on the kids’ wards, she hoped that their recovery would be faster.
“I hope so because as I have mentioned, it produces or increases our secretion of hormones in our body. When we are happy, we feel better, we feel well,” she said.




The colorful wallpaper on the wards was a part of the corporate social responsibility project of Norde International Distributors in partnership with HP Latex. The project was undertaken in line with the 71st Founding Anniversary of the National Children’s Hospital.


Elaine Hao Chin, VP Finance and Operations Norde International Distributors, said the wallpaper prints were environment-friendly, making them safe for the kids, the parents and the hospital.


“We want the children more comfortable and at the same time provide a safe environment for them. The materials we used are environmental-friendly. They are safe for kids and for sensitive environments.

“With this activity we hope everyone’s stay here a little bit brighter, livelier and we add a bit more joy to everyone here,” she added.