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artec-3d Artec Micro

Artec Micro

Professional ultra-high-precision industrial desktop 3D scanner for small machine parts, jewelry and dentistry.

Product Features
  • Delivers industrial-quality scans with just one click.
  • Brings the ultimate scanning solution right to your desktop.
  • Up to 10 microns accuracy.
  • Create exact digital copies of small objects, tiny parts, jewelry, etc.
  • Metrology-grade scans, suitable for quality control.

The cutting edge of desktop 3D scanning
Artec Micro brings the latest in scanning technology to your desktop. Its advanced twin color cameras and blue LED lights are perfectly synchronized with Micro’s dual-axis rotation system (swing & rotation) to create the ultimate digital copy of your object with a minimum of frames captured. User-friendly 3D scanning.

Compact and ready to scan in seconds.
Simply mount the object on the circular scanning platform, and you're ready to scan. Choose from a variety of smart scanning paths. Then watch in real time as your scan unfolds on the screen in jaw-dropping detail. Only a minimum of training is needed with Micro. After a quick introduction, you will already be scanning on your own.

Powerful, robust software
Right out of the box, Micro integrates with the industry-acclaimed Artec Studio for real-time digital capture. See your scans coming to life on the screen. After scanning, Artec Studio makes it easy for you to process your scan. Simply follow the same series of steps as you would with our handheld scanners, and then export the final 3D model to software such as SOLIDWORKS, PolyWorks Inspector, Control X or Design X.


  • 3D accuracy:Up to 10 microns (0.01 mm)
  • 3D resolution:Up to 0.029 mm
  • Full color scanning:Yes
  • Object size: 90 × 60 × 60 mm
  • Target-free scanning:Yes
  • Output formats:All popular formats, including STL, OBJ, BTX
  • Light source:Blue LED


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