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dobot DOBOT CR Series (CR3, CR5, CR10, CR16)

DOBOT CR Series (CR3, CR5, CR10, CR16)

Safe, Flexible and Self-Learning

Product Features
  • Easy programming using visual, drag & drop and block-based programming language.
  • Teachable by demonstration or single-hand guidance.
  • Real-time control on your mobile phone, iPad, or tablet through WiFi connection
  • Fast setup requiring only 20 minutes to set up, 1 hour to put into application.
  • Wide compatibility with mainstream end-effectors and accessories.
  • Fast changeovers perfect for customized/flexible/lean manufacturing.

DOBOT CR Collaborative Robot Series features 4 cobots with payloads of 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 16kg. These cobots are safe to work alongside, cost-effective and adaptable to a variety of application scenarios. CR Cobots offer flexible deployment, single-hand guidance, collision monitoring, trajectory reproduction and other functions, making it even more suitable for man-robot collaboration scenarios.



Improve the flexibility of your product line and production efficiency by using an easy to deploy CR collaborative robot within 20 minutes to set up and quickly put into application within 1 hour to perform.

Inherently Safe Collision-Free Collaborative as Real-time obstacle avoidance with every-5ms dynamic monitoring, 10cm-proximity pre-touch sensing & online route planning combined to produce the best trajectory to avoid obstacles. Multi protections with force sensing, obstacle avoidance & camera entry detection.

Economical & Durable as Limited space with no security fence required Long-lasting durability with 32,000 hours of service life, built-in energy feedback & hectowatt-level power consumption.


  • Rated Payload:
    CR3: 3kg
    CR5: 5 kg
    CR10: 10 kg
    CR16: 16 kg


  • Weight
    CR3: 16.5kg
    CR5: 25 kg
    CR10: 40 kg
    CR16: 40 kg


  • Reach:
    CR3: 620mm
    CR5: 900mm
    CR10: 1300mm
    CR16: 1000


  • Repeatability:
    CR3 & CR5: ±0.02mm
    CR10 & CR16: ±0.03mm
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