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formlabs Form 3BL

Form 3BL

The New Standard for High Volume Dental 3D Printing

Product Features
  • Maximize throughput for every print job and print up to 120 models in a day.
  • Maintain ideal print conditions with minimal operator intervention with the online Dashboard.

The Form 3BL is ideal for printing full scale anatomy, large medical devices, and prototypes, and works around the clock with minimal supervision. For smaller models, the large build volume of the Form 3BL is great for high throughput 3D printing.

Our technology has been validated in multiple FDA-cleared workflows and we develop and manufacture our own biocompatible materials in an ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered facility. Parts can be sterilized using steam, e-beam, gamma, or EtO.

Each Form 3BL large format medical 3D printer package includes the essential tools required to start printing.



The Form 3BL uses Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ to turn liquid resin into flawless parts. This advanced print process offers incredible print quality, surface detail, and a platform for more advanced materials and applications.

A key component of the LFS process is the flexible Resin Tank which significantly reduces peel forces during printing to make removing supports as easy as possible.

The included Build Platform provides a base for your part to adhere to during printing, while the cleaning tools assist with finishing and post-processing your prints.

Our included one-year warranty provides peace of mind and access to support resources.


  • Technology: Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ 3D printing
  • Print Capacity: Up to 50 models per print job, Up to 200 models per day
  • Layer Thickness: 25 – 300 microns (0.001 – 0.012 in)
  • Dimensions: ( W x D x H ): 77 × 52 × 74 cm (30.3 × 20.5 × 29.1 in)
  • XY Resolution: 25 microns (0.001 in)
  • Build Volume ( W x D x H ): 33.5 × 20 × 30 cm (13.2 × 7.9 × 11.8 in)
  • Optics Engine: 2 Light Processing Unit, 250 mW laser power
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