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gcc GCC StellarMark I-series

GCC StellarMark I-series

Ultra-fast galvanometer fiber laser can raise productivity with marvelous marking quality.

Product Features
  • Field proven U.S. scan head and UK fiber laser components.
  • Achieve 0.1 mm character height with perfect TEM00 beam mode.
  • Multiple waveform are available for sophisticated marking and micro-machining applications.
  • G-Mark Library (optional) software features customized programming, mark on fly and tiling marking.

StellarMark I-Series Laser Marker is a comprehensive solution that satisfies customers with diverse requirements. StellarMark I-Series is easy to install, easy to operate, designed with simple maintenance and safety considerations while providing superior output quality.


  • StellarMark I-series IFII 20JFL IFII 20SHS IFII 30JFL IFII 60JFL
  • Laser Source Wavelength 1064 nm
  • Type Yb-doped, MOPA
  • Output Power 20W 30W 60W
  • Beam Mode TEM00
  • Beam Quality (M2) <1.3 <1.3 <1.3 <1.8
  • Frequency 1-400 kHz 1-1000 kHz 1-400 kHz 1-400 kHz
  • Waveform Single 25 Single Single
  • Cooling Air-cooled
  • Max. Linear Marking Speed 3,000 mm/s
  • Max. Marking Speed 10,000 mm/s
  • Electrical Requirements Power Supply 100~240V, 50/60 Hz Max 15 Amp
  • Power Consumption Max. 1650W
  • Dimensions Laser head L 508 x W 168 x H 185 mm
  • Control unit L 470 x W 360 x H 241 mm
  • Laser Marker Weight 9 kg
  • Control Unit Weight 25 kg
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