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gmg GMG ProofMedia

GMG ProofMedia

High performance media for the most reliable color communication.

Product Features
  • Consistent quality.
  • Large color gamut.
  • High resolution images and high light fastness.
  • Excellent age resistance.
  • High chemical resistance.


Essential for a reliable proofing system: proof media in GMG quality
When it comes to accurately predicting print results, proofing media plays a key role. GMG ProofMedia offers high performance media in a number of substrate finishes to meet any projects’ needs. GMG's consistent product quality, guaranteed global availability, and professional support services have made GMG ProofMedia the premier choice for high-end contract proofs since 2001.

The new generation of GMG ProofMedia offers superior lightfastness, age resistance, and chemical resistance. Achieving accurate color time and time again has never been easier.

GMG ProofMedia has been optimized for use with GMG software, ensuring accurate print simulations with minimal setup and configuration.


  • Weight 250 g/m2
  • Thickness 260 μm
  • Opacity > 94%
  • Substrate color (M1)1 96 L* / -0.7 a* / -1.4 b*
  • OBA content classification2 Free of OBA
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