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stratasys-3d Objet500 Connex3

Objet500 Connex3

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Multi-color, multi-material or high quality? Choose everything

With the ability to 3D print the full range of Digital Materials including color, the Objet350 and Objet500 Connex3™ 3D Printers create
parts with the precision, look and feel of real production parts using best-in-class versatility. Print parts with multiple properties, and
choose from a wide range of material properties, from rubber to rigid, transparent to opaque, neutral to vibrant, and standard to
biocompatible. 3D print custom jigs, assembly fixtures and gauges and tooling with ultra-fine accuracy and smooth surfaces quickly
and easily – no assembly required for parts with multiple materials. Connex3 delivers incredible efficiency with the power to serve
diverse needs from one system. Objet Studio™ and GrabCAD Print™ software make makes it simple to build high-quality, accurate
3D models.


Model Materials –

Rigid Opaque: VeroPureWhite™, VeroWhitePlus™, VeroBlackPlus™, VeroGray™, VeroBlue™,
VeroCyan™, VeroMagenta™, VeroYellow™
Rubber-like: Agilus30™, TangoPlus™, TangoBlackPlus™, TangoBlack™, TangoGray™
Transparent: VeroClear™ and RGD720
Simulated Polypropylene: Rigur™ and Durus™
High Temperature

Digital Materials –

Digital ABS Plus™ and Digital ABS2 Plus™ in ivory and green
Hundreds of vibrant, repeatable colors in opaque and translucent
Rubber-like blends in a range of Shore A values and color
Simulated polypropylene materials with improved heat resistance

Material Options – Over 1,000

Maximum Materials per Part – 82

Software – Objet Studio intuitive 3D printing software

Network Connectivity –  LAN – TCP/IP

Power Requirements  – 110-240 VAC 50/60Hz; 1.5 kW single phase

3D Solutions