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onyx Onyx 18

Onyx 18

A new dynamic tools for print production and optimized out-of-the-box presets.

Product Features
  • Delivers fast.
  • High fidelity print platform for increased consistency and reliability across proofing cycles.
  • Superior output for all wide-format printing applications.

This new version release includes the latest technological advances such as support for PDF 2.0 features including black-point compensation.

ONYX 18.5 software continues to lead the charge for the best color in the wide-format print industry with new spot color tools for greater accuracy and vibrancy, enhanced iccMAX compatibility, and new Quick Set application library management to get to sellable prints faster.


  • Supports PDF 2.0 features
  • Brings spot color handling with up to 127 channels that can be specified and used in any given region.
  • Accuboost, new for ONYX 18.5, is an iterative ICC profiling technique for pinpoint accuracy of ICC profiles.
Workflow and Color Management
RIP and Color Management Software