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picador Picador


A full range of CAD modules and features to design packaging and POS.

Product Features
  • Automatic 2D / 3D Folding.
  • Powerful and Easy to Use 3D Solution for Assembly and Virtual Prototyping.
  • Wide range of Specialized Tools and Features adapted for Packaging and POS Structural Design.
  • Controls Cutting Table and Shaping Lasers.

Packaging and Pos CAD Software :
A full range of CAD modules and features to design packaging and POS [structural and parametric 2D CAD drawing geometry, 3D automatic folding, 3D product/packaging assembly, 3D animation, automatic layout/imposition, data sheet, cutting table controller and drivers, standard library database (Ecma, Fefco, Pos), customized new models libraries tools, PLM or ERP integration SDK (ActiveX, .NET, XML)]. Picador, the CAD software, is used in 55 countries by over 4500 users (packaging manufacturers, digital printers, industrial users or trademark companies, designers). PLMPack, the collaborative platform, is used worldwide by over 15.000 users. 2D

  • Structural design
  • Specific drawing tools for packaging & display
  • Parametric design
  • Cutting
  • Manage all cutting tables
  • Prototyping and small series productions
  • Tool settings according to the used material
  • Automatic optimization of tools path 3D
  • Automatic 2D/3D folding
  • Folding/Unfolding 3D Animation
  • Printing files or Texture Positioning
  • Creation of Interactive and Animated 3D PDF
  • Augmented reality View of 3D mdels


  • Packaging Standards Libraries (ECMA,FEFCO)
  • Specific packaging and POS libraries
  • Automatic thickness management
  • 3D folding animation
  • Automatic analysis report
Workflow and Color Management
Display and Packaging Design Software