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roland Roland VersaUV LEF2-300 Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer

Roland VersaUV LEF2-300 Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer

Expansive product customization with a bigger and more productive flatbed.

Product Features
  • Higher quantity LEF customization of small items or one-off larger items.
  • Print directly on materials up to 3.94″ thick and 30″ x 13″ wide, including tabletops, awards, electronics, etc.
  • ECO-UV inks in CMYK, White and Gloss.
  • Speed up production with dedicated print heads for White and Gloss ink.

The LEF-300 is the latest and greatest of our VersaUV LEF series of flatbed printers. It offers the same brilliant color and direct printing capabilities on a vast array of materials, including three-dimensional items up to 3.94” thick, and now also enables printing larger items and higher quantities. Featuring a 30” print width, four print heads and two UV-LED lamps for faster curing, the LEF-300 significantly increases productivity and delivers stunning results.

Achieve High-Quality on a Wide Range of Materials
While a vacuum table makes it easy to hold thin materials in place, the LEF-300 is also able to accommodate items up to 3.94 inches in height. With the LEF-300, you can print on a wide variety of substrates such as PET, ABS, and polycarbonate, and soft materials such as TPU and leather, as well as three dimensional items, including pens, smartphone cases, signs, personalized awards, giftware, promotional items, laptop covers and more. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Power-Up Your Workflow:

The LEF-300 offers a host of productivity features, including:

  • Expanded print area 30” wide by 13” long.
  • Four print heads increase production speed.
  • Two UV-LED lamps – which allow for bi-directional printing – ensure instant ink-curing.
  • White and Gloss ink are circulated through two rows of nozzles each, for fast, multi-layer printing with increased density and opacity. New draft print mode for users in need of quick prototype print.


  • 30"" UV-LED flatbed printer.
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White, Gloss and Primer.
  • Higher volume customization— print directly on items up to 3.94"" thick and 30"" x 13"" wide.
  • Perfect for small signage, awards, electronics, promo items, industrial products, and more.


  • Maximum Print Area: 30″” × 13″”
    770 mm × 330 mm
  • Ink Configuration Options: CMYK + Clear (gloss) + Clear (gloss)+ White CMYK + Clear (gloss) + White+ Primer
  • Included RIP Software: VersaWorks 6
  • Ideal for: Volume production of small to medium-sized items, plus pre-primed printing onto various substrates and unique surfaces.
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Case Studies

Customer Spotlight

Roland LEF300_Sassy Squirrel Ink
Roland LEF300_Sassy Squirrel Ink

— Simon Holland, Owner of Sassy Squirrel Ink

Roland LEF300_U.S. Press
Roland LEF300_U.S. Press

— Dawn Buescher, Founder of U.S. Press

Roland LEF-12i_ Fancy Phone Cases
Roland LEF-12i_ Fancy Phone Cases

— Luis Santiago, Owner of Fancy Phone Cases

Roland LEF-12i_ARB Digital
Roland LEF-12i_ARB Digital

— Alvaro Rodriguez, Owner of ARB Digital