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solutionix Solutionix D500 and D700

Solutionix D500 and D700

Precise, Flexible, Convenient.

Product Features
  • High Speed and High Quality for Small Objects.
  • High Accuracy for Small Volumes.
  • Automatic Scanning & Active Synchronization.
  • Automatic Calibration.

The Solutionix D-Series is a professional 3D scanner system specifically designed to scan small objects with complex shapes that require fine details to be scanned with utmost precision. High Speed and High Quality for Small Objects
The Solutionix D-series is a range of fully automated tools specifically designed to scan small models. The technical specifications of the D-series are calibrated to meet the high level of detail required by both industrial and non-industrial users in various applications ranging from jewelry to cultural artifacts.

Position the Object and Start Scanning
The object is automatically scanned from multiple angles to capture the entire profile of complex shapes. At the end of the procedure, a triangle mesh is created that can be effortlessly imported into CAD/CAM systems.

Advanced Precise Color Texture
The latest technology captures vivid color texture in scan data without the need for additional color cameras. Users can select the data processing method depending on the color of the object to be scanned.

Quality Rapid 3D Scanning of Small Objects
The professional 3D scanners of the Solutionix D-series were created to scan small models in a completely automated way. The technical specifications of the D500 and D700 scanners are calculated to meet the high level of detail required by both industrial and non-industrial applications such as jewelry, cultural artifacts and design.

Automatic Scanning & Active Synchronization
Professional 3D scanning does not always need much effort. With a single mouse click, users can get their object scanning jobs done very easily and quickly. Another mouse click actively synchronizes the model and camera views, enabling users to navigate to any scanning position, adding more scans where required.

Automatic Calibration
Once the calibration panel is installed, clicking the calibration wizard will guide you through an automated calibration process. The previous manual calibration process may have been difficult for users to follow. With automatic calibration, you will experience a genuinely user-friendly and convenient system with maximum accuracy for ease of mind.

Ease of Scanning Path Generation
Depending upon the complexity of the scan object, it may require a different scanning path. Flexibility of the scanning path generation makes it easy for users to make their own scanning paths, allowing repeated data collection on various object sizes and shapes.


  • Camera Resolution: (D500)2×2.0 MP;(D700)2×6.4 MP
  • Point Spacing: (D500)0.056 mm;(D700)0.029 mm
  • 3D Scanning Area (FOV): (D500)120mm:(D700)100mm
  • 3D Scanning Principle: Phase shifting optical triangulation >Dimension: 290x290x340 mm
  • Weight: 12kg >Light Source: Blue Led >Interface: USB 3.0 B Type
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