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stratasys-3d Stratasys Fortus 450mc

Stratasys Fortus 450mc

Advanced Prototyping and Production.

Product Features
  • Embeds hardware, circuitry, and other non-thermoplastic materials into your parts easily, with minimal downtime for changeover.
  • Increases your unattended build time up to two full weeks.
  • Expands your manufacturing business with speed, agility, and the freedom of your own designs.
  • Reduced operation and training time since Fortus systems require minimal training to operate and maintain.
  • Can be installed anywhere since they produce no noxious fumes, chemicals or waste.

The Fortus 450mc is a workhorse 3D printer for engineers that require demanding flexibility to print larger-sized or many parts in an array of engineering-grade materials with high speed and unfailing throughput, on a printer that performs with reliability, repeatability, and durability unmatched in the industry.

Get the latest FDM technology for advanced prototyping and production.
With easy-to-use interfaces and software controls, the Fortus printing systems make it easy to produce complex parts more efficiently and effectively. For demanding applications, rely on the Fortus 450mc for high-performance materials such as FDM Nylon 12CF (carbon fiber) , ULTEM™ resins and ST-130 soluble material for sacrificial composite tooling.

Bring the speed, agility and design freedom ofadvanced additive manufacturing to your business while gaining the latest advances in FDM® technology.
The Fortus 450mc™ 3D Printers build high-requirement prototypes, rugged jigs, fixtures and tooling, and custom production parts in familiar thermoplastics. And these 3D printers are engineered for ease of use, including an all-new, intuitive touchscreen interface for smooth workflow. They let you choose materials individually or in economical bundles.

Get all the capabilities of the Fortus 450mc, plus a larger build envelope (406 x 355 x 406 mm (16 x 14 x 16 in)) and the option to run high-performance thermoplastics for specialized production parts in demanding fields such as medical, aerospace, research and defense.


  • System Size and Weight
    129.5 x 90.2 x 198.4 cm (51 x 35.5 x 78.1 in)
    601 kg (1325 lbs) without crate; 680 kg (1500 lbs) with crate
  • Build Size
    406 x 355 x 406 mm (16 x 14 x 16 in)
  • Layer Thickness
    0.330 mm (0.013 in): ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, Antero 800NA, ASA, FDM Nylon 12, PC (all types), ULTEM™ resin (all types, 450mc only), ST-130 (450mc only)
    0.254 mm (0.010 in): ABS (all types), ASA, FDM Nylon 12, PC (all types), ULTEM™ resin (all types)
    0.178 mm (0.007 in): ABS-ESD7, ABS-M30i, ASA, FDM Nylon 12, PC (all types)
    0.127 mm (0.005 in): ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ASA, PC (all types)
  • Accuracy
    Parts are produced within an accuracy of ± .127 mm (± .005 in.) or ± .0015 mm/mm (± .0015 in/in), whichever is greater).
    Z part accuracy includes an additional tolerance of -0.000/+slice height.

    Note: Accuracy is geometry-dependent. Achievable accuracy specification derived from statistical data at 95% dimensional yield.

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Case Studies

Customer Spotlight

Stratasys Fortus 380mc_Hager
Stratasys Fortus 380mc_Hager

— Alexandre Callegher, Hager Group

Stratasys Fortus 380mc_Moog
Stratasys Fortus 380mc_Moog

—James Stuart-Young, Moog Aircraft Group

Stratasys Fortus 450mc_ FATHOM
Stratasys Fortus 450mc_ FATHOM

— Rich Stump, FATHOM

Stratasys Fortus 450mc_Kratzer
Stratasys Fortus 450mc_Kratzer

— Kevin Shi, Manager of Digital CAD/CAM Center, KTJ Dental Technology Group

Stratasys Fortus 450mc_Latécoère
Stratasys Fortus 450mc_Latécoère

—Simon Rieu / Latécoère R&D and Innovation Center

Stratasys Fortus_BellHelicopter
Stratasys Fortus_BellHelicopter

— Mike Storp, Bell Helicopter

Stratasys Fortus_SSL
Stratasys Fortus_SSL

—Jude Zils, Technology Manager / Composites Center of Excellence at SSL