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stratasys-3d Stratasys Objet30 Pro

Stratasys Objet30 Pro

Desktop Sized High-end Rapid Prototyping.

Product Features
  • Offers great material capacity and hot-swapping capability, empowering you to maximize workflow efficiency.
  • Ability to combine up to three base resins in a single build.
  • Creates parts that simulate over molding and produces three-material prototypes with minimal post-processing efforts.
  • Achieves impressive detail with your choice of 17 photo polymers that offer a wide range of material properties — including rigid and flexible, transparent and simulated polypropylene.

Create high-end prototypes, realistic models with specialized properties, and more. With the accuracy and versatility of the Objet30 Pro, a 3D printer that fits on your desktop, anything is possible. Simulate plastics that closely resemble your end product with the feature dimensional stability and high-detail visualization of the Vero family of materials. Use the Objet30 Pro to print with Rigid Opaque materials in white, black, blue, or gray.

For fine details, advanced testing, or moveable prototypes, employ the Objet30 Pro's specialized material capabilities including:

  • Transparent (VeroClear), a nearly colorless material featuring great dimensional stability, fine-detail model building, and simulation of transparent thermoplastic such as PMMA.
  • High Temperature (RGD525) for advanced functional testing, hot air and water flow, and static applications.
  • Simulated Polypropylene (RGD450 & RDG430) a material offering toughness and durability for smooth prototypes with living hinges, flexible closures and snap-fit parts.


  • System Size and Weigh
    82.6 x 60 x 62 cm (32.5 x 23.6 x 24.4 in.); 106 kg (234 lbs.)
  • Build Size
    294 x 192 x 148.6 mm (11.57 x 7.55 x 5.85 in.)
  • Layer Thickness
    28 microns (0.0011 in.); 16 microns for VeroClear material (.0006 in.)
  • Accuracy
    Typical deviation from STL dimensions, for models printed with rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±100μ; above100 mm – ±200μ or ± 0.06% of part length, whichever is greater.
  • Build Resolution
    X-axis: 600 dpi; Y-axis: 600 dpi; Z-axis: 900 dpi
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Customer Spotlight

Stratasys Objet30 Pro_Brudden
Stratasys Objet30 Pro_Brudden

—Victor Xavier, Supervisor of Engineering of Brudden

Stratasys Objet30 Pro_University of Pavia
Stratasys Objet30 Pro_University of Pavia

—Ferdinando Auricchio, University of Pavia