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summa SummaCut Series (D160)

SummaCut Series (D160)

Where performance meets value.

Product Features
  • Legendary tracking.
  • Optical positioning system.
  • High-speed cutting head.
  • Intelligent media system.

The SummaCut cutter features highly complex algorithms to compensate for any deformation of the print, using the world’s most reliable sensor technology. This makes the SummaCut cutter a winning contour cutter for any sign or print shop.

Summa engineers know there is not a more important vinyl cutter feature than tracking. This is why every cutter we build starts with our exclusive and patented MicroSprocket™ grit roller. Milled from the finest materials in a unique process assuring each roller has an exacting diameter, we then specially coat each roller to eliminate the risk of wear and oxidation which could degrade tracking over time.

Quality craftsmanship is about more than low price. It is about value. With cutting performance that rivals other top-of-the-line cutters, it comes as no surprise that the affordably priced SummaCut D60 is one of the most popular vinyl cutters ever built.


  • CUTTING TYPE: Drag knife with TurboCut and Tangential Emulation Modes
  • TOOL COMPATIBILITY: Blade, Pen, Pounce Tool
  • CUTTING WIDTH: D60 – 60 cm (23 inch), D120 – 120 cm (47 inch), D140 – 135 cm (53 inch), D160 – 158 cm (62 inch)
  • CUTTING SPEED: All SummaCut models cut at speeds up to 1131 mm/sec (44 ips diagonal)
  • AXIAL SPEED: Up to 2 G
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